Who: Nate and Indira
When: Midday
Where: Mini golf course office

After a morning spent cleaning up her place, Indira was more than ready to get out and get some fresh air for at least a few minutes; she had a headache from the cleaning gel's fumes and didn't want to sit around boring herself or reading journals - she'd heard talk of gun safety, but she hadn't gotten herself a weapon. Not when her aim was sure to be terrible.

Picking one of her headscarves in a rich teal, she wrapped and pinned it to cover all but her eyes, locking up behind herself as she left. She set out towards the park rather aimlessly, though despite trying to relax she kept a sharp eye on her surroundings. It ended up being that eye that kept her from walking around the corner and straight into a bear. A bear that was apparently just... walking around town.

Warm balls of popcorn goodness

Who: Nate and Indira
When: Afternoon
Where: Movie theater!

Indira couldn't stay in her home a minute longer. It was a nice enough place, but she could never forget that they were as trapped in this town as she had been back in the experiment house. It was a feeling she detested, and even with the alterations she'd made to secure it, it meant she was out and walking in the cold. The weather was cloudy, which matched her mood, and exploring the town gave her ample time to brood as well.

Many meetings

who: Jack and Open
where: The Bar
when: Evening

He hadn't opened the bar for a couple of days. It was strangely surreal, with most of the other businesses in the town closed down. Bethany's bright sign looked particularly lonely, and he wrinkled his nose as he unlocked the door.

You got suckered.

Who: Nate and Hannah
When: Morning
Where: Diner (the sad, empty diner)

Hannah woke up freezing cold, Anubis tucked against her side under the blankets to share warmth. "What the hell," she muttered, getting dressed as quickly as she could - jeans, sweater, jacket, boots - and heading out into the kitchen, figuring she must've set the thermostat wrong or something the night before. She fiddled with it, but nothing happened - no noise of heat kicking on, nada. She couldn't really figure it out, having figured it out by touch the first time, and made a note to see if she couldn't get Jason over to check it out for her.



Who: Nate, Arienne and then open to everyone and all (group scene!)
Where: Their house
When: Evening

The message had been put out over the journals and Nate had talked to a few people in town. The set up was simple - open house for them tonight, party of sorts. Nate was playing the part of the typical man's man outdoor chef and had the barbecue going, large slabs of meat cooking, some steaks, a rack of ribs, a good mixture for all - as long as there were no vegetarians. They never did well at these things, as far as Nate was concerned.

Arienne was busy making sure everything else was just so, and preparing for guests to arrive. She was playing her part as the dutiful wife, who was making sure there were enough drinks to go around, that there were munchies for people, that there were places for people to lounge in all sorts of different areas of the house and grounds. Particularly dealing with the sorts of people they were going to, she felt the need to ensure there were both indoor and outdoor areas set up, to deal with whatever needs those around them required.

Nate left the barbecue cooking for now, heading back inside. He'd changed earlier, a pair of dark jeans, a deep red, open-collared shirt, fairly laid back, but not too casual. He poured himself a glass of red and went to find his wife. "So - which do you think? Leave the front door open to get those who aren't sure whether they want to be here or not, or closed, so we can greet everyone who comes?" he asked her as he walked up.

"Open." Arienne said, glancing back to Nathaniel as she straightened the punch bowl she'd just mixed, so those who weren't fans of alcohol would have something to drink as well. "The impression I'm getting from so many people in town is they'll need the crutch of uncertainty removed. I've considered putting a sign on the mailbox that reads 'Come in, everyone's welcome', merely to circumvent any confusion on that part." she said, not having to weigh between the two ideas at all.

Nate smiled and chuckled slightly. "Well then, that works just fine - I've been telling people to get here at around 6, so they should start arriving any minute. Let's just see what turns up, should we?" he added, as always, anticipating the evening. He did so like a good social event, watching people intermingling, interacting. One never knew where it might lead.

[open to all!]

Bar Talk

Who: Nate and Trevor
Where: The bar
When: Afternoon

Trevor had already found his favorite place in town, the small, dark bar wasn't too far from home and he knew he'd be ending up there quite often after town. He'd been around a bit this day and it wasn't the tunnels that was for sure. It made him feel a little empty, nothing to explore, no real challenges, just houses upon houses that looked the same - a fact that made it feel a little too much like home. The bar however, it felt, to him, a bit like a cave to crawl into for comfort.

He pulled his shades off once he got inside, it was dark enough that he didn't need them in there, a good reason for liking it as much as he did. The other reason was, of course, the booze. He took a seat by the bar, gave the bartender a small grin and pulled some coins from his pocket. Their dark lager was good, surprisingly so, and he decided on a shot of Vodka to go with it - it seemed only right what with being in Russia and all.



Who: Nate and Seth
When: afternoon
Where: the bar!

Seth had spent most of the morning hankering for a beer. It was some combination of boredom and restlessness. He could've bought some at the store, probably, but he wanted a beer in a bar, which was a different experience altogether. Unfortunately, consulting the map he'd been provided, the only bar was most of the way across town. He considered hoofing it, but didn't really feel like it. So he used it as an excuse to fire up the ancient monster in the driveway and see how she ran. Which was decent enough, though the lack of power steering was something he missed. He parked at the bar, pocketed his keys, and walked in, glancing around.

Yeah, it wasn't the classiest of places, but that could be forgiven. At least it was empty. He headed for the bar, ordered his drink, and sat to listen to the dismal selection that somebody had started up on the juke.

Legal Matters

Who: Nate and Hannah
When: Midmorning
Where: Advice and Advocacy drop-in clinic!

Hannah hadn't felt much like going to the social that was supposedly going on the night before, but doing so meant she woke up feeling antsy the next morning. Going through the presents left at her doorstep occupied some time, as did eating breakfast and cleaning up a bit, but she eventually needed to get out of the house. She figured it was time to go see someone about checking up on her finances back home; she wouldn't put it past her conniving aunt to try having her declared dead or some shit. Fuck, she didn't know what her options were, and after being burned once, Hannah wasn't of a mind to let it happen again.

Coffee and Conversation

Who: Nate and Jillian
Where: Jillian's house
When: Late afternoon

Nate chose to drive to Jillian's house. In the scheme of things, it wasn't that far, but he was aware that he might go by that flower shop the girl had talked about. And he might buy something - and he wouldn't want to be carrying back flowers now, would he? So: car.

It didn't take him very long to get there after he'd stood from his compuer, but in his typical style, he'd had to go and change first, find something 'suitable' for a first meeting with a bubbly, friendly and ultimately traumatised twenty year old girl. In the end he'd chosen a casual pair of dark blue jeans and a cream open necked shirt that rested against the jagged scar on his neck. He'd rolled the sleeves up to just below the elbow as he'd headed out to the car, shades shielding his eyes from the sunlight.