we are not amused

who: posy
where: her room
when: a couple hours after waking up

Posy was very much not playing. She'd been watching the messages buzz on her computer for the past little while, and she was very emphatically over it. The room she had been provided was large, airy, decorated tastefully with a collection of books and science zines that Posy enjoyed, and a large medical dummy like the kind she used to practise autopsies on in med school. There were plenty of pens, paper and a rather impressive power shower. She'd been catered to perfectly - except she wasn't a damned test subject, so she should not be here.

She'd contacted the scientists says as much. She was very unimpressed, and until they gave her a decent explaination as to why they thought this was exceptable behaviour? She wasn't playing along. She was copying down the messages she recieved and who they were from faithfully enough, but she was not going to send out any of her own. She was not going to contribute in any way to this ridiculous little test. There had obviously been a mistake. Posy Lewisham was no-one's lab rat and she wanted out - no matter how comfortable the cell, it was still a demeaning farce.