A wagon full of issues

Who: Eris and Everett
Where: Church Road
When: afternoonish

Eris didn't actually know what the hell was going on in town. Mostly because she'd ignored everything, and after she'd finally forced herself to leave Brett's, she'd gone back to her shitty little house, and started packing things. Most of it she was kind of just doing because she needed to kill time. It gave her something to focus on, and she needed that right now. Still, she wound up putting things in sleeping bags, in some boxes she found but there weren't many, and the wagon she'd taken from town before--she'd found it in a closet. She was piling things on the front porch, so they'd be easier to drag down the steps and start moving them to the vicarage.

She was very busy Not Thinking. She wasn't thinking about Brett. She wasn't thinking about her medication. She wasn't thinking about being alone in that place, or any place, and how she was thinking that madness was in her near future. She wasn't thinking about how long it was going to take her to crack. She wasn't thinking about what was going to happen when she did. She wasn't thinking about so much that her mind was a continual hiss of screaming noise, something she just didn't even know how to deal with. With another two pillowcases filled with old clothes of hers, she stepped back out onto the porch and dropped them, though one of them of course rolled down the steps and up the walk. Awesome. Well, it could stay there. She stood on the porch, just looking down at it, almost trance-like as she did.

There wasn't a much better idea of what was up in Everett's head, really. All he knew was that, while busying himself with his morning routine and a cup of coffee, he thought he'd seen hints of color out of one window in a direction that was unmistakably towards the cemetery. He moved closer, nursing the vaguely warm remnants of his cup as he looked up and down the street as far as his vantage point would offer. Each side was clear of life, but close to the center and across the street? Well, he recognized Eris on her porch.

The wagon and the haphazard packing job were oddities, but hey, the girl had brain damage. Oddities were to be expected. It was easy to remind himself of how she'd gotten it, but Ev wasn't going to let himself wallow just yet. He needed to be focused today, especially if he was finally going to try and track down Joy, and dwelling on Eris would put him in a darker place than he already was. He stepped outside with as neutral an expression as he could manage, striding across the street and crouching to grab a loose shirt, shaking a little snow off of it before wadding it back into the pillowcase. Ev upended the bag without a word, leaving it and himself on the walk as he stood tall, folded his bandaged hands behind his back, and nodded Eris' way. "Going somewhere?"

It was like he appeared out of nowhere--even if he hadn't. But Eris' mind wasn't fully in gear, and she'd been spaced out. So, to her, one moment he hadn't been there, and the next he was. So she startled a little, flinched, and had to shake herself, focusing her eyes on him for a moment, and confusion flickered there, before it cleared. "What?" she asked, since she recognized his body language as someone who had asked something, but for the life of her she didn't know what it was. Considering the source, it could have been anything.

He'd missed the spaced look on Eris' face at first, trying not to scrutinize her too closely on his approach for her sake, but the followup of confusion was unmistakable. "Asked what was up with the moving van," Ev reiterated with a faint smile, nodding at the wagon. He didn't want to linger here, to get one or both of them upset, but he needed to know as much of he could of Eris' plans. The girl got herself into trouble, and Everett figured he'd caused her enough on his own.

Oh. she thought. Reasonable question, all in all. "I'm not staying here." she told him, since it was obvious anyways, and she was rather under the impression that it was a very small town. He'd figure it out rather quickly, and if he really wanted to find her, he'd be able to. She didn't offer up where she was headed, just that she wasn't staying where she was now.

"Not planning on leaving town again, I hope," Ev rumbled, not prying for details beyond that. Some part of him wanted to? But he felt like he understood now. He shouldn't ask, for both of their sakes. Any hopes he'd had of atoning for things or even trying to were dead, at least they felt that way. The best he could do was try to keep aware of trouble as it formed, and maybe spare Eris from it along with everyone else. "I get the feeling we're not supposed to miss whatever fuckery is on the menu for today."

She looked confused. "What fuckery?" she asked. Was she missing something? Probably, really. Of things that she was today, 'observant' and 'on the ball' were not listed. She dropped some more things into the wagon, and walked down the steps. Mainly? She wondered if it was something she needed to warn Brett about. Well, that, and if he'd talk to her long enough to get said warning in the first place.

Ev looked away from Eris and back towards the cemetery, arms crossing over his chest as he glowered at the glimpses of color he could see. "Wish I knew," he growled, "Or maybe I don't. Something's up over by the church though, and I doubt it's isolated to just over here. I'm gonna check it out, though." He bent again to grab the pillowcase that still sat at his feet, moving towards the steps and setting it down closer to Eris, but not so close that he might spook her. Everett didn't like seeing that reaction, period.

Looking over in the direction he had, she frowned. Well great, that was where she'd been headed. "Well, that's the direction I'm headed." she said with a sigh, and she reached up to tuck her hair behind her ears. "Be useful and carry something." she said, carefully getting the wagon down to the walk, and she piled as much more shit on it as she could before she started up the walk with it. She did give him a wide berth though.

"Get fucked, Stockard," Ev replied with the faintest hint of a smirk as he reclaimed the pillowcase he'd brought over, no real venom in his voice. Lugging the bag up and slinging it over his shoulder, he stepped back off her front walk and into the yard as he waited for Eris to pass by with the wagon, eventually moving to follow after. "That's the direction, hm? Not much else up there beyond the church, you decide to go looking for god?"

"Pretty sure even if there is a deity around, they wouldn't be taking calls from me." Eris said. "Not that I ever believed in the first place. I just...don't like this house. So, I'm moving. Back to the other house, actually, so if you happen to want to--" she started, but then stopped. "I'm just heading there." she amended, entirely cutting herself off from anything she was about to say. She'd given him her word about things, and she meant to keep it.

He looked intrigued by whatever she hadn't said, brow raised and lined as Everett waited expectantly, then shrugged at how she dropped it. "You don't need to worry about me visiting," he assured her solemnly as they walked, a slow frown forming as the graveyard gradually came properly into Everett's view. "You said it best before; you twist me up, I twist you up. No sense letting ourselves be used like that, so I'll just give you your space. Don't think I was doing much good anyway."

She thought about the way he put that, how it echoed what Brett's feelings were when she got upset about the cards, or the dolls, or anything like that. How she was letting herself be thrown. She knew she should say something, she just didn't know what. Mostly because she was feeling all kinds of off today, and didn't know how to deal with that either. She needed a manual. "You did me a favor. I appreciated it." Even if it had wound up being no good. Even if apparently, that had been the wrong thing for her to do. He'd still held up his end, which had been what was asked. Her poor decision there hadn't been influenced by him.

"I paid a nickel of the million bucks I owe you," Ev rumbled without looking Eris' way, "That's all. It's good you woke up, though. Last thing this town needs is a domino effect of people giving up." It'd start with her, spread to Brett, and just keep rippling. Or at least that was how Everett saw it; with what all of them had endured, losing people who had survived it with you was crippling. "You just keep your shit together, clear? We've walked too far through hell to fall over now. You try a stunt like that again, and I'll spoon feed you until we get out of here. Or spook someone else into doing it for me."

She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, and didn't say anything for a few moments, the only sound the cruch of snow beneath their feet, and the light squeak of one of the wagon wheels. "I sincerely doubt my demise would have dominoed anything." she said honestly. Part of her thought that it would have had an impact on Brett. Part of her knew it would have. Another part wanted to take the easy route and decide that it wouldn't have. That he would have been fine and forgotten about her within a day or so. "And I didn't try anything. It was an accident." she added, voice dull. Because that was still messing with her head. That she'd very nearly died, and just because of some stupid accident. "Brett says he intends to remind me about my medication." she added, even if it wasn't any of his business. Maybe because she didn't need him poking his head in to make sure himself, if he would even do that.

Ev sighed, shaking his head a little. "You decided to just let yourself sleep, that was the try," he clarified with a scowl, keeping from looking directly at Eris. The lingering hints of color ahead worked just fine as a focal point for his sight, at least. "Unless you picked up some psychic hotline shit? Don't go thinking you know what'd happen once your ticket got punched. I saw the aftermath once, you would've been surprised." And he didn't like to bring that up, for both of their sakes, but it needed to be said. "Good that he's decided to keep an eye on you, at least. You two're about as sour as a lemon in a glass of vinegar, you suit each other."

Oh. Right. She had done that, hadn't she. Well he had her there. She couldn't argue it. And she might have said something about everything else, but that last bit struck her. She wasn't sure how it struck her, but it did. With a multitude of emotions she couldn't quite name. "What's that supposed to mean?" she asked, frowning and she looked over, then straight ahead again quickly, because she wasn't sure what she was going to read there on the man. She had to wonder if it was that they were both disabled in some way, now. Brett with the wheelchair and crippling lack of social skills, and her with the braindamage and overwhelming paranoia. Right.

"All it means is that we're all bitter," Ev explained, "I don't think any of us expects full survival. Even if we get out, we'll still be stuck here in some sense, y'know? But people are trying, they're connecting however they can. Not you, though." He glanced over briefly, looking back with a grumble as the graveyard loomed closer. Were those... decorations? The fuck is this happy horseshit? "Not you, and not Brett. And maybe you're better off not giving two shits about bonding or getting laid or sharing a stiff drink? But shit, girl, human nature. We're social creatures. Broken ones, but social ones too. Work a beat long enough and you see unifying themes. And the universal one in any body you get called on? When someone dies, they die alone. You're not dead, neither is he. So neither of you is alone. That's all I need to see, and all you need to put up with me saying."

Not her. The thing about being social creatures, that stuck in her mind. Because she wasn't necessarily social, but she had a terrible oppressive fear of being alone. She didn't want to be alone. And, now that she'd had him around, she didn't want just anyone filling the void. She wanted Brett there. She liked him. And while he drove her insane, he was still comforting for her, just because of who he was. What he was like. The fact that because of his attitude, she could continually be confused about her role in his life. She needed that ambiguity, even if deep down, she wanted to mean more than she did. Still, it struck a cord with her. Bonding. Right. She supposed what had happened with her the other night could be considered as such. She could see moments where the term could apply. With her current company, even, and even if that was stretching it. "I will be." she said, after too long a silence, and her eyes were down on the road, so she was missing the looming carnival-esque shit. "He'll eventually fuck off. It's not like he signed up to be my keeper."

He let a low sigh slip, trailing it as it turned into a grumble. Ev wished Eris wasn't Eris in times like these; she knew herself too well for his usual reassurances to work like they did for the people who sometimes listened to him. And she knew him too well to take any heart from his words even if they were genuine. At least it meant he could be brutally honest. "Fucking Christ, girl," he growled over at her, "You think his brain's gimped like his legs? You two a match set upstairs? Or does it spook you that bad that someone sees that head-to-toe mental scar you call a psyche and decide to hang around anyway?" And he was one to talk on that score, but Ev wouldn't deny it if someone used those words on him. He knew he was irreparably broken, but he couldn't deny that some people didn't quit on him anyway.

"Do me a favor and don't decide a goddamn thing before it happens, okay? Don't say you're going to die here, or that he's going to quit on you, or any of that. Spend your whole day gritting your teeth and waiting for a crash, but don't say it happened until it has. Predetermination pisses me right off." Ev took a deep breath, looking her way with a faint smirk. "And if he does run, all you've gotta do is corner him somewhere with stairs. And that's my one cripple joke for the year. Keep it secret, Brett seems like a decent son of a bitch."

"It's not as if he's around because he likes me." Eris said, almost immediately. There was a slight hesitation before she spoke. "He's around for his own reasons. And it isn't as if he wants to get to know me, or share stories by the campfire, or anything else, so don't imply he's been around me because of some compatibility." Mostly because she didn't at all know how to handle the idea. Like she didn't know how to handle the idea that she liked the guy. That she genuinely wanted to spend time with him, and because it was him, not just because she hated the silence of being alone. She did have to agree with Everett on the last bit though. Brett was, in fact, a decent person. And a son of a bitch, really. So that worked on more than one level. It was the decent person thing though that tended to needle at her, for reasons she didn't even know how to properly start sussing out. "Whatever romantic notions you have about how Brett and I work--you're wrong." Because she couldn't handle it if he was right.

"Didn't say a thing about romantic notions," Ev pointed out, "Just understanding. The fact that it's there says plenty. As for implications?" His pace slowed as he glared at the carnival decorations. This definitely merited investigating, but he wasn't about to break away from the talk with Eris. The anomaly in the graveyard wasn't going anywhere, he'd get to it when he got to it. "I don't need to imply shit. You were sick, we were all sharing a house, he knew how fucking broken I was. He still came to me and asked me to make sure you got food, water, and regular check-ins to make sure you were okay. He was downstairs, you were up. So either he was planning ahead for reasons he needs you healthy, or he's got some genuine concern." Refute that, bitch.

She didn't even try to refute it immediately. Because there wasn't a whole lot she could say there. She hadn't known Brett had done that. Or, she didn't think she had. If she had been told, she had forgotten about it, which was entirely possible. A thought slid through her mind, and it was one she didn't share and didn't know how to deal with either. You know he's never going to trust you because of what you did to me, right? That implied what happened to her effected him. And she'd already played that game with Brett, and hadn't liked where it went. And when she spoke, it wasn't anything she cleared with her mind first, it was just said. "According to him it was because he didn't want to have to deal with my corpse rotting upstairs." Which in the end, did refute what he had to say, even if she hadn't even intended on it so much as it slipped out.

Ev laughed darkly at that, a real sound of amusement as he shook his head. "Bullshit. All he would've had to say is 'give her a day or two, then toss her out the window', problem solved. But I'm not gonna force the point. All I'll say is that you had good instincts once upon a time, even if you used them for bad shit. I think you've still got 'em. Trust them." Which was definitely hypocritical of him, given where his instincts had led. But Everett just had to hope for something, anything. Even if it was that hers would serve her better than his own.

"I don't trust..." she started, but trailed off as the music from the carnival shit started to filter through her perceptions, and she trailed off, looking over in confusion. Eris was a lot easier to derail since her brain damage, and if something was distracting enough, she entirely dropped whatever her mind had been working on. Like nowish. "What the fuck is that?" she asked. It said 'funhouse' and all, but...still.

"Just the setup for another sick punchline," Ev growled, staring balefully in the direction of the music. "Ignore that shit, Eris. Let's just get you inside, and I'm gonna see what's what around town. Got someone I need to track down anyway." Which'd be more difficult with this sort of thing happening in town, who knew where Joy might be? "If you wanna do me a favor, get on a computer and try to find out what's what with people. Don't even have to write to anyone, just see what people are saying."

"Because you're going to come back over for coffee, so I can tell you what I read?" she asked drily, starting walking again, though she didn't know if she'd be able to resist checking out the fun house. Just to see what was inside. It was like anything else they'd put in her path. She couldn't stand not knowing.

Ev laughed again, wondering why he felt so strange about them even talking like this. No venom, no cruelty, or if it was there it was at least out of sight. "You could just send me the reader's digest version if there's anything crucial. I don't think you'd want me stopping in for coffee," he admitted earnestly, "And I wouldn't blame you, either. And... I know shit's never going to be right with us, Stockard. Doesn't matter to me, I'm not gonna stop until I'm dead. Doesn't mean we'll be friends, since we do rile each other. Just means I'm not being some mean old fuck for no reason."

She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye again, but was soon looking back at the funhouse. "Right." she said, not sure what else to say to that. But, they were coming up on the house. She knew she had more shit to get from the other place, too, but also knew herself well enough to know that she was going to need to poke around inside the funhouse before she had the concentration to do that. It would needle her otherwise.

"Oh hell," he muttered, watching her gaze tick to and from the funhouse, "Pretty intrigued by it all? Shit, if I had to guess I'd say it's like a normal funhouse, except in this one a clown stabs you or something." Ev sighed, wondering if he had to worry about what she might get up to once he moved on in search of Joy. Maybe he'd do well to send Brett a message about where Eris was moving to. "Don't suppose you'd promise me not to fuck around with that thing by yourself?"

"Sure, I'll just call up my bffs all over town, and we'll all go exploring." Eris said drily, heading towards the porch steps of the vicarage. "It'll be a blast, even with clown-stabbings." About the only person she would take with her in there was Brett, and she was willing to bet it would get her hurt, get him hurt, and badness would ensue. He'd get claustrophobic, and that was besides the fact that likely? His wheelchair would get caught somewhere. "How about you just keep in mind that if I go missing, that's probably what happened to me?"

That wasn't an idea Everett liked at all, and he stopped in his tracks, unslinging Eris' pillowcase and shaking his head. "If you want to go look? Just get it done, I'll wait out here until you come back out. I'm not real eager to play along if I don't have to, but I'll make sure whoever does has some backup for when shit goes south."

She drew in a breath and let it out slowly, carefully trying to get the wagon up the steps. "Everett, I'm probably going to go in, get very distracted, and get very lost. If you don't mind, I'd rather not be fucking timed for it. Go do whatever it is you're meant to be doing today. I'm fine on my own. I have unpacking to do anyhow." Or something like that. She had a few things on her agenda, though she was aware the funhouse might actually cut into that fairly deeply. She could get lost in there, far easier than other people would. It was potentially disasterous. But she knew that wouldn't stop her, either.

Ev sighed, shaking his head after Eris again. "Did you want a safety buddy?" he asked with a note of resignation in his voice. Because Everett didn't want to set foot in the damn thing, but he was less thrilled over the idea of leaving the brain damaged girl to play in the potential trap that the definitely-sadistic overseers of this place had presented them all with. "I'm not meant to be doing a damn thing, I just got word that there was some homicidal nympho in town shaking up a few of the guys. Figured I'd ask her nicely to stop trying to force-fuck people."

Eris looked like she was going to say something, then had to stop for a second, and she acutally laughed just a little. "That's...new." she said. Because really, what else did you say to that?
"Can't have those types running around. People are just damaged enough as is." Not that she could fault the idea of being intimate. Sometimes she thought that would do her a whole lot of good. She just wasn't looking for it. "I don't want a safety buddy. I'll be fine. Quit worrying, it's kind of creepy." she told him. Though there wasn't actually acidity in the last bit. It was just fucked. The guy who choked the life out of her with a belt, worrying about her wandering around a funhouse. Yeah, things didn't get weirder.

It wasn't as if Everett ever really forgot what he'd done to her. In fact, if he could then he wouldn't find himself in moments like these, trying to help without hitting any of the seemingly endless sore spots each of them had. If he wasn't doing this, looking for Joy, helping out around town? he'd be drinking, dwelling on what he was. "Okay then, I'll leave you to it. May stop in later and give a shout inside, just in case the clown theory is right," he assented with a smart nod, turning to look back along the streets of town. "Just make sure you run if you hear a honking nose."

She shook her head. "I'll do that." she said to his back, starting to get things inside before she went to explore the stupid thing. It was a dumb idea. She got that. she just wanted to do it anyhow. Hopefully it wouldn't result in amazing amounts of Stupid--but it likely would.