Search and Rescue.

Who: Will
When: Late afternoon
Where: Between the house and the clinic

Will burrowed into his coat, walking along the now-desolate streets of the town, retracing the steps he had taken with Leah the day before. It was a clear, sort of beautiful day, but no one was out, and the decorations of yesterday were down. He wasn't sure what was more sinister - the decorations themselves or the fact that they'd ever been up. Nothing about their abrupt Christmas seemed very pleasant.

He was very conscious of the fact that Leah wasn't with him; very conscious of the fact that she had probably come this way on her own. Her disappearance bothered him more than he could even articulate, but his attempts to convince himself that she must have been hurt somewhere weren't working very well. He walked quickly, lit a cigarette with shaking hands, scanned the snow for footprints or signs of a struggle without much hope.

It wasn't any one thing. She had been kind to him, and she had been useful as a doctor. They'd needed someone like her, now more than ever with Scott sick, and likely more surprises like that coming. He knew what the scientists were capable of: he'd seen on the screens what they would do, what they could allow to happen or put into motion.

But there were a handful of selfish reasons, too. In the house he'd forced them down, but walking alone through the snow they rose to the surface and caught in his throat. She'd been so nice to him, and having a medical student around reminded him - almost painfully - of Vivi. It'd been nice to have someone he could talk to about that. Now, finding the letters, thinking of his sister so far away -- and then losing Leah -- well, he hadn't even known Leah well, but it still hurt terribly.

And, he thought, he'd noticed people disappearing...but so far it hadn't been someone he knew. And never, never during the day. As long as people stayed here, as long as they were within view, they were safe. And as long as they were safe, he was safe. This place wasn't good, it was all kinds of bizarre, but it wasn't the house. Nothing so far -- except for Scott -- had even touched upon what had happened back there, and even that wasn't on that level. As long as they were here, they weren't back at the house. It all made sense in a way that Will was quite aware wasn't logical. Still, it had worked so far to quell the panic. A logic to things. An order. A way of organization, even if it was dictated by the scientists every morning. A headcount to each house. Once these things changed, things would start going wrong quickly, he was sure of it.

Getting rid of the doctor first - well, that, Will didn't like at all.

He didn't like walking this way alone. He knew this had to be the way she had come; there were only a few ways to the clinic and only one of them very quick at all from the house. He didn't like that she'd come alone; he didn't like leaving Scott alone, but this was what had to happen. There wasn't anyone else to go with.

It didn't take Will long to get to the clinic, with no sign of Leah. Along the way he called for her a few times, fruitlessly. He felt weird calling after her in the cold, like a lost dog, but he thought it worth a try. His voice just echoed into the empty cold, and he ducked into the clinic without much hope.

Inside the clinic, there was a simple waiting area, which he pushed through, and behind that beds, cabinets of supplies. He searched. Standard things for wounds; that wouldn't help. No penicillin, Scott had said. He tried to recall what his sister had told him about illnesses as he sorted through bottles, packages and liquids. None of this stuff was locked. He hoped there weren't any serious drug addicts around here. There weren't, as far as he could tell, any narcotics, but anyone who wanted to make methamphetamines, or just get drunk on cough syrup, could have a party.

"Azithromycin. Z-Pak 5 Day." That was an antibiotic; he was sure of it. He went to stuff his pockets, then thought better of it. Probably, it'd just be taken from him tomorrow morning. No, they needed to ration it. He stuck a bunch of the packets in a desk drawer. If every day they needed to open a new pack, he'd better know where he was coming back to. After a good ten minutes of searching found some prescription strength ibuprofen and what looked like over the counter cough medicine. That was the best he could do, probably. The rest would be managing the symptoms.

Will had almost been hoping that Leah would wander in and demand to know what he was doing here. It didn't seem likely at this point. Investigating the nearby streets and finding nothing - not even footprints - he started for home.