by the pricking of my thumbs...


Who: Camber and whoever else wants to join in
Where: Heading towards the Park from Elm
When: Mid-afternoon

Camber wasn't sure if this carnival stuff was sort of fun in a nostalgic, spontaneous way, or really fucking creepy in a Something Wicked This Way fucking Comes way, but it wasn't like she had much choice in the matter. And after living in a house with people for weeks, and then getting stuck in isolation, and now being thrown back by herself...the invitation to come check out the festivities with Glitch, Ronnie and friends wasn't unwelcome.

That didn't mean she wasn't taking a knife with her to said festivities, but hey, she wasn't stupid.

As she walked parallel to Main Street, she could hear the tinkling of carnival music; as she hit Elm, there were signs of food booths and those rigged carnival games, all lighting up as she got near to them. Weird, although she wondered to herself if the noticable lack of carnys meant she could just take the food and giant stuffed animals. Glitch's threat might not have been worth much at all: there wasn't exactly anyone to stop them from just chowing down on funnel cake.

Really good smelling funnel cake.

After having habitually eaten a very rationed, cautious meal three days ago, being denied food entirely two days ago, and yesterday being too stressed and threatened-feeling to even recognize herself as hungry at all, Camber could tell she was verging on the edge of a junk food binge today, what with sugar and starch being waved in her face. She didn't like it: snacking was a waste of calories, calories that should be saved for the next time they went without food. It wasn't a logical decision.

But, hey. It was right here. Their houses were stocked. The stores were even stocked. Tentatively, she took a funnel cake, expecting to be punished for not paying.

Nope. Nothing. The lights just turned off as she stepped away. She took a small bite, continuing on down towards the park where she'd said she was going to meet Glitch.

 - ..

Glitch ran up to the park, following the smells that sounded like a symphony in her mind, with only the occasional jarring note ringing in her ears. The music was like a rainbow to her, although for some reason there were no reds in the rainbow. That bothered her just a little. She saw the woman in front of her at the funnel cake stand and smiled. That had to be Camber, who she'd seen on the journals before but not actually met yet. She slowed to a stop as she approached the woman, twitching her head left and barking before she talked. "Camber? Hiya, I'm Glitch." She looked at the cake in her hand. "Mm, funnel cake! Love it." -chirp!!- "I guess it's free for the taking?" she said, reaching out tentatively as the lights came on.