Pretendy funtimes in carnival land!

Who: Jack and Esme
Where: middle of town
When: morning

Jack had never trusted carnivals. He’d gone to one as a kid with his father, before everything went to shit. It had freaked him out then and it freaked him out now, as he wandered amongst the rides, starting in surprise whenever one of them went off when he got too close. He’d thought that maybe people might have been there. He’d been –hoping- that people might’ve been there. Someone that he could get to take him home.

He felt like he was starting to go a little mad, to be honest. He’d taken to carrying his toolbelt wherever he went, because not only did it have his knives and things in it, but if someone decided to try to trap him somewhere he might have a chance of getting out. He had to wear his belt uncomfortably tight to keep it on but he felt a little safer with everything on hand. He’d had that belt for years and he could tell, even with his eyes closed, where everything was.

He found himself gravitating towards the centre of town. There was music coming in snatches from that direction, and he’d already walked past the park. Which had creeped him out something chronic. He really wanted to avoid that lake. Heading in a little further, he fought down the urge to just go and hide, forcing himself to put one foot in front of the other.

He wasn’t going to wimp out of this.

 - ..

Esme was a little creeped out. She'd headed down to the park in the morning, just because it was becoming her routine, and she was more than a little surprised to see little booths with carnival games up and down the road. It got weirder when she saw the carousel sitting in the middle of the park. She could just barely make out the music with her hearing aids in and was headed for the center of town. It was just... eerie. Like running around Six Flags before the park opened. Everything was there, ready to go, but otherwise it was a ghost town. There was even hot dog stands, ice cream stands, all of it waiting for... them? Was this how they were getting food now? She hadn't thought to check her kitchen this morning, and wasn't entirely sure that there was anything there. Finally, as she headed towards the center of town, she saw someone else, someone she didn't think she'd seen before. She pushed forward on the joystick on her chair and started to catch up. "Hey!" she shouted. "Wassh goin' on heah?" Maybe he had a clue, because she certainly didn't. He had a toolbelt on- was he maintenance for this dark carnival?

 - .

The whine of something decidedly mechanical drew his attention as he tried to figure out where to go next, stomach doing a sick churn as he realised that he had absolutely no idea.

He turned, a little bewildered when someone called out to him, honestly surprised at himself for -being surprised- when a girl in a chair came whizzing up the sidewalk.

"Uh, I have no idea." He said, once he was sure she was close enough to hear. He found his hand straying down to his belt on reflex, making sure he didn't make any other sudden moves. "I'm just as confused as you are."

 - ..

Close enough to hear was kind of a relative term with Esme. She understood that he was saying something, but wasn't able to make out anything clearly until the end when she was right up to him. "Wew, I guesh we can be confushed togever den." She looked around at all the booths and carnival rides before looking back at the man with the tool belt. "Ash mush weyad shit ash I've sheen sinshe I shined up, dish may take da cake." She extended her slightly shaky hand to him. "I'm Eshme. You da maintenanshe guy?" She said, motioning to the tool belt.