PMs to Lilith, Janie, Bethany

Indira woke in an exact replica of her bedroom back home, save the addition of kitchen facilities. To say she was unhappy was perhaps understatement; just when she got used to a new place and worked out a routine to keep herself safe, she was dropped in a new location. That this was made to look like her home was adding insult to injury. The computers, she noticed immediately. They were, after all, out of place - she owned a laptop. Finding her multipurpose dowel, she tapped around on them until she determined them harmless (at least, for now), deducing during her exploration that four of them sent messages, while one was for journals. Ignoring the center computer, she replied to the one computer that had a blinking message, then sent out her own on the other three.

My name is Indira. Likely we're all secluded from each other with this farcical communication setup. If you are Addison or can get a message to her, or if you've discovered a way out, please let me know. Otherwise, I prefer solitude.

 - .

Another message. Tsk. These people couldn't just stop typing could they? She settled in front of this new computer. Hm, yes. It was a new one wasn't it? There had been no messages from it until now. She tucked her hair behind her ears and settled the microphone on her head to dictate. How sweetly providing these scientists were. Funny creatures the lot of them.

I am Lilith. Apologies, Indira, I do not know Addison nor have I heard, excuse me, anything about her. I am incapable of searching for a way out. And now I shall honor your, pardon me, request for solitude. That was all that needed to be said if the woman wanted solitude. She didn't wait for a response.