Passing On Information PM to Stan, Jack and Brianna

After gathering some names and numbers, here is what I've been able to gather due to the help of others I can speak with and they can. Addison has put together a fairly coherent listing and way of listing things, so if you would like to continue this and copy it to others, go ahead, if you have your own methods, feel free. Please add in information that you have for me, and I will pass on anything you have added to the others I'm speaking with.

(Glitch) Pirate Corliss the Dagger: (unknown)
(unknown) Fat-Ass Carmen Barbossa: (unknown)
(Shane) Stop-Picking-At-It The Wise: (unknown)
(unknown) Drippy Ooze: 6537
(unknown) Pirate Agnes the Malformed: 8814
(Kaori) Not-So-Keen-On-The-Womenfolk Elanor: (unknown)
(unknown) Cap'n Beatrice Bloodsmear: 4277