the not so fun house

who: eris and open
where: the funhouse in the mirror maze
when: late afternoon

Eris had finished moving her things from the one house to the vicarage. That hadn't taken her that long, and she'd just gone and put everything inside the front hall, and then went to check out the funhouse. She'd considered messaging a certain someone to say, but...nope. Not with how things were left that morning. It wasn't his problem. He'd probably not know what to do with the information anyhow. She sure as hell didn't know what she would want him to do with it. to just let it go. Not bother with it in the first place.

She'd gotten inside, and most of it had been straight forward. A floor that tilted around crazily. Lights in the walls, disturbing imagery. Nothing too crazy, mostly just things that made her wonder if those bones hanging from the ceiling were real or not. And then she'd gotten to the mirror maze. And that, ladies and gentlemen, fucked her over something fierce. She couldn't help it, she realized she was lost straight away, and while she tried to get through, tried to find her way out, she just...couldn't manage it. all the reflections confused her, she couldn't process it correctly. She even tried to break a mirror, but they were resistant, of course. The lighting kept switching too, blue lights, pink lights, red lights, they moved around, and made it worse, and she eventually slid down a mirror and curled up, hugging her knees to her chest as she tried not to burst into frustrated, bitter tears. This shouldn't floor her so bad. It shouldn't completely handicap her. And yet it did.