Lose Yourself

Who: Joy
Where: East side, west side, all around the town.
When: Mid-morning

Joy was really happy to find herself freed from the fake trailer. What had been an ordinary closet the day before was an elevator this morning, and she quickly made use of it. She wasn't sure where it would lead, but she didn't particularly care. She just wanted out. The ride up had seemed forever, but it had been worth it. Sure it led to another house, but at least this one had a kitchen and bathroom and yay! her alcohol was here. But surprisingly for Joy, there was no time for drinking right now. She'd had a couple of days to stew, and now that she was free, she wasn't going to waste it. At least, she didn't plan to.

Her first course of action was to figure out where she was, and where everyone else was. Thankfully, the computer, while it didn't tsk at her, it at least gave her a map of the town. Which was good. Other than her drive with Shane, she hadn't really taken much time to explore the town. She went back down long enough to get her clothes- the rest of her things would come later.

She got herself dressed, similarly to what she had done the other day. She didn't want to get distracted again today. She had a freshly sharpened knife in her boot, and trudged out into the snow. All she was planning to do today was scout out her targets. Janie would be first, of course. She wanted to make sure she got her out of the way at least. That one had been easy to find, mostly. It was by the church and the graveyard, which she found giddily appropriate. The other two that were on her list, Shane and Jesse, were a bit harder. She thought she found them, but by the time she got there, she was thoroughly and completely lost in the town.

She looked around, trying to find a landmark, but there was no luck, and she was starting to get cold. Thinking she'd found the right way, she started trudging through the snow. She wasn't a hundred percent sure where she was going, but she was pretty sure this was it. It wasn't, of course- Joy had never been particularly good with directions. What she did find, however, was much more interesting. This town had a bar. And the doors were unlocked and unboarded. Nearly squeeing with glee, she ran inside the bar, ready to find whatever she could to warm herself up.