Cough, hack, wheeze.

Who: Scott, Will and Leah
When: about 7 ish
Where: 2 Oakdale drive

Scott woke up sweating, coughing up one of his lungs. Barely conscious, he got up and was halfway across the room before it occurred to him. Wait... wasn't I in the hospital? Snapping into reality with a sneeze, he looked around and looked down at himself. Yes, he was definitely back in his bedroom, wearing his pajamas. If it wasn't for the horrendous cold he had, he might have convinced himself that the whole thing had been a dream.

In his mind, he tried to put things together. The Christmas tree, the bells, the car... "Tobias!" he shouted, which only made him cough more, wondering what had happened to that sweet little boy. He'd been so awesome, staying with Scott even though Scott really hadn't been in much of a position to talk. Not bothering to change, he ran out into the hallway. "Tobias?" he said again, remembering not to shout, although talking still hurt like hell and his voice sounded like he'd been screaming at a concert the night before. "Anyone?"

 - .

Will woke up with a start to the sound of Scott hoarsely shouting from the hallway. He looked around, confused.

He had found the letters from Vivienne in their little wrapped box yesterday, and read them late into the night. They were filled with messages from home and he had read and re-read them tearfully, devouring the stories and intricacies and imagining them all. Her internship at the hospital and upcoming tests, Jeanne's little Aimee learning to walk, Lily winning a prize in her equestrian competition.

Some of them had referenced his own letters -- so they had sent a few -- but later on, that had stopped. She had been unsure if he was receiving hers, having gotten no more of his. Yet she had never stopped writing. There were so many of them, even when it seemed she didn't know if he was reading them or not. His heart ached to think of Vivi (his Vivi - they were so close sometimes the other siblings called them "the twins") not knowing anything about him, not knowing if he cared or not, just writing steadily, even with all the hard work and tests and long hours of study she could have been paying better attention to. It wasn't fair.

He hadn't recalled falling asleep. But when he woke, the letters were neatly put away on his nightstand. He was still in his clothes from last night, but everything else was re-set, down to the covers. It was deeply disconcerting to him. But he didn't have time to think about it. Why was Scott here? He'd been in hospital. Did they not even allow that much?

There wasn't time for that either, or the ensuing panic attack that wanted to come with it. Scott was sick, and he needed help; that was what mattered.

The thought crossed Will's mind that maybe Scott wouldn't want to see him; that the questions he'd asked were too deeply personal. But there wasn't really time for that either. Will ducked into the hall.


 - .

Leah had fallen asleep at the hospital the night before with Scott, finally convincing people to start going home for the night. When she woke up, she was still in her clothes from last night, but everything else was off. She was tucked into her bed in her bedroom, and everything had been reset. "Damnit," she muttered, getting out of bed. She could hear Scott down the hall, which meant that they had brought him back as well.

"Why do they do this?" She got up and rushed down the hall, to find Tobias and Scott. "Scott, you need to get back to bed. I wish we were still in the hospital, but they didn't seem to find that fitting." She was ready to beat the ever loving hell out of the scientists right now, but there were more important things at hand.

 - ..

Scott looked around at Will and Leah. Oh yeah, the doctor lives here. Thank God for that at least. He coughed a bit before answering, trying to avoid getting germs on either of them. "I'm fine, really," he said, his voice proving that he was not, in fact, fine. "Just gotta get ahold of Tobias. Make sure he's okay, tell him I'm okay." He coughed a bit more and leaned against the wall for support. The room was a little swimmy. Probably just got up too fast. "I thought we'd at least be safe in the hospital, they wouldn't fuck with us there."

 - .

"It's bullshit," Will spat out, "It's..." and couldn't come up with anything in English. We can't go to the hospital. The edges of his vision were starting to blur and he fought it back. He glanced between Leah and Scott. He wasn't being useful here; he was a psychologist, not a doctor. And a poor one at that.

"Scott, where does Tobias live? I don't know if he'll see the computer, but I'll go check in on him if you want. Let him know you're all right." Which was, well, sort of a lie. But he'd do it. "You should lie down." He thought of what he'd done for his little sisters when they'd been sick. "Prop up pillows to help you breathe. Leah can help you." He looked at her for help, hoping she had some ideas here.

 - .

"Scott, what you need to do right now is rest and stay warm," Leah said to him. "Will can go and get Tobias if you would like him to do so." She really wanted to get him back into his bed and resting for right now, and maybe go and make a stop by the clinic that had been set up for them for supplies.

 - ..

Scott knew they were right, but even as he coughed, he felt like he should be doing something. "Just..." he coughed again. "Just send him a message or something, tell him where I am. Poor kid probably freaked out when he realized he was back where he was before." He leaned up against the wall. He felt terrible. But at least he wasn't tied up in sleigh bells. That wasn't just gay, that was parade gay.

 - .

Will nodded. "I'll private message him. I'm sure he'll be glad to hear from you." He fidgeted, picking at his nails nervously. "Um. Please let me know if there's anything you need, if I can help." He nodded at them both and headed downstairs to where the computer was to send the message.

 - ..

Scott nodded and grudgingly headed back to his room. As long as Tobias knew he was okay, he could sleep a little better. He coughed and hacked and wheezed a little more, stumbling into his bed. After a moment, he dozed off, figuring Leah would come by in a bit with some more medicine or something.

 - .

Will had been messaging Tobias back and forth for a while now, and lost track of time; he'd been composing a message to Vivienne privately on his own journal, in the hopes that the scientists would see it, but he kept deleting it. He'd write her a real letter later, leave it somewhere obtrusive in his room. They'd move it in the morning. Maybe they'd even send it.

The light had changed in the room, become afternoon-colored. It occurred to him that the house was very quiet. He couldn't hear anyone moving about upstairs; no one had wandered by in search of food. Because he had assumed people were awake upstairs, he hadn't been scared by it. Now he felt that familiar nausea, the tension in his neck. Where's Leah? Has she come downstairs? She had, earlier. It had barely registered with Will because he had known she was going for medicine. She'd gone out, and he'd nodded at her and kept typing.

Where is she? It's been hours. And Scott's been silent upstairs. His thoughts spiraled into a panic. What if something's happened to Leah? What if Scott's dead?
Paralyzed, he sat in front of the computer, breathing shallowly. You can't think that. You have to check. Will dashed up the stairs in a rush. Nearer to Scott's bedroom he heard Scott snoring.

So he was okay. But it had been hours. Leah was -- just gone. And he knew her. She wasn't...all right, he could tell that. It was possible that something had been triggered on the walk. There are a lot of things that are possible, in this town. But he couldn't imagine her not returning for this long with a sick patient to attend to. And Scott needed that medicine.

He didn't want to wake Scott, but he didn't want to leave him to look for Leah and have Scott wake up to an empty house. He swore softly in French, then knocked softly on the door. "Scott?"

 - ..

Scott had been having the most confusing dream. He was on a beach with Justin Timberlake, but it was snowing, and Casey was serving them both drinks. Suddenly, Justin looked at him and said his name in a decidedly non-Justin voice. "Scott?"

He rolled over with a major coughing fit and opened his eyes, hearing someone knocking. Barely awake, he hoarsely shouted at the door. "C'mon in. 'Sopen." He coughed again, fighting the gagging in his throat as he tried not to throw up.

 - .

Will ducked in, embarrassed; he felt a little intrusive. "Wait - here, let me get you a drink." He ran to the bathroom and returned with a glass of water, passing it to Scott awkwardly.

He rubbed his neck. "Um...Leah isn't here. I mean, she's been out for hours since she went to get medicine. I was thinking of going out, to look for her and try and find some medicine for you, but I wanted to tell you first." He was rushing his words. He still wasn't sure about leaving Scott alone in the house. Part of him was certain that the scientists would never come touch them with their own hands, not while they were awake. The other part was sort of convinced that things only stayed the same while you looked at them.

"I could ask Tobias if he'll come over..." he finished lamely.

 - ..

Scott took the water gratefully. He didn't realize how thirsty he was, but boy, did it help. "I'll be okay," he said, his voice momentarily sounding better after being moisturized. "If Tobias wants to come over, it's fine, but he doesn't have to." He vaguely remembered the look on Tobias' face. It was the look of someone who had seen far too much and was about to see it again. "But, um, if you see her, or if you don't and you just get some medicine, make sure there's no penicillin. Can't take it." He coughed again, and when he continued, his voice sounded just as bad as before. "It's fine, though, Casey will keep me company." At least, he assumed she would. Apart from the dream, she hadn't been around since the morning before.

 - .

Will nodded, slowly. He didn't want to bother Tobias, and if Scott was okay by himself, well. Will knew he just wanted someone in the house to make sure that Scott didn't die or disappear, and realistically that probably wasn't going to happen. "No penicillin," he repeated. "I'll remember that." He chewed on his lip, getting the glass where Scott had set it down and refilled it, without really thinking about it. He didn't say anything about Casey. He wasn't going to push that; it didn't seem like a good idea.

"I won't be long," he finally said. "I'll leave a message for Tobias should he want to come, but...unless something's happened, I shouldn't be long." He bit at a fingernail anxiously. "You should." He waved at the bed. "...keep resting." He nodded at Scott abruptly by way of goodbye, and went to get his coat and go looking for Leah.