Clearing a Path


Who: Dave and open
Where: The path outside the house
When: Mid-morning

Dave was paranoid. Oh, he was aware of the saying that just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you, and he was fine with that - he knew they were out to get him. Him and everyone else in this town. Paranoid was, in his opinion, a healthy state of being. And part of being paranoid was not sitting around on you ass being snowed into a house. Any house. Last time he'd been snowed in the scientists had turned off all the electrics and let them freeze. He'd already seen someone on the journals bitching about the loss of firewood. No, he wasn't going to be snowed in. And so Dave was wrapped up against the cold and outside. He hadn't been able to find a shovel, so he'd grabbed a metal roasting tin from the kitchen and he was using it to clear the worst of the snow from the path, throwing it to one side. Once he got down to the path, he'd sweep the worst away with a broom he'd found, then sprinkle kitchen salt on the path. So far, it was more or less working, though it was hard going. He had nothing else to do today though.