addison and janie

Who: Addison and Janie
Where: In their house
When: Lunch? Early afternoon? When's good for Janie?

Addison had been drawing at the kitchen table. It was the rough sketch of a four panel comic, involving the new kitten and wasn't particularly noteworthy due to the fact it was basically just a bunch of lines right now. And kittens, while adorable, didn't typically make for really good comics unless you either involved gaming (like in VG Cats) or a bear (like in Bear and Kitten). But it did show, loosely, different things the kitten was doing so it turned out okay. Anyway, somewhere around the time she would've started erasing some lines and making others somewhat more permanent she realized that she was getting hungry. And she decided to make herself a grilled cheese sandwich and some soup.

Janie had wandered into the kitchen to get herself something to eat as well, and paused when she saw Addison in there. She considered the girl for a long moment. "Are you going to be overly paranoid about me today, or are you getting over that?" she asked. Janie--blunt was her natural state.

Addison, having gotten somewhat more used to Janie in the last couple of days, felt safe enough to offer her a sheepish little grin, and a shrug, and to write on her notepad quickly. If I offer you food, will you avoid grinding my bones to make your bread? Addison didn't expect the reference to a fairytale to be accepted for what it was, and Janie wasn't exactly a giant either. But hopefully, with the little smile and the joking tone of the note, Janie would be more inclined to believe that Addison wasn't going to go on some psychotic killing thing in the kitchen. Grilled cheese sandwich and vegetable soup, if you want some. The last part was added on in a rush once she realized she hadn't even told the other woman what she'd been cooking.

Janie quirked a little half smile. "Grinding bones is really hard work, and I'm too tired to start today anyways, so sure. If you make something, I'll eat it." she told her. She sat down at the kitchen table, and set her cards on it, still wrapped in their silk. "And y'know, what you're making sounds awesome. I'm all for it."

Addison moved her sketchbooks out of Janie's way, making sure the important ones were tucked on the bottom in case Janie decided to look. She would've just taken them, but she didn't want to end up spilling something like soup on them or crumbs or whatever. Instead, she turned up the heat on the elements and started preparing another sandwich. The first one went into the pan, and then she stirred the soup before coming back to the table and sitting tentatively across from Janie. What's that? And she gestured to the silk wrapped thing on the table. Though she wasn't sure if she should've asked - what if it was private? But Janie seemed blunt enough to tell her so if that was the case.

"Tarot cards. I got a new deck from the scientists. Brailled on the bottom. They look like they were painted by a friend of mine, that disappeared during the experiment." Janie answered, looking at the silk wrapped cards. "Can't decide how I feel about it. About them, or anything to do with them. And so far, it looks like people from here are in there. I recognized a ton of people. a few others I've met here. It's...interesting." she opted for.

Addison nodded slowly, thoughtfully, and then she stood up to flip the sandwich over in its pan, and stir the soup. She came back, brushing off her hands on her jeans. Not that there was a reason to really brush them off, she just did it anyway. Sliding back into the chair, she gestured to the cards, then at herself. And, just in case the charades weren't clear enough, she wrote down on her notepad. Can you do a reading for me? If you don't want to or whatever, it's fine. I'm just wondering.

Janie shrugged. "Sure." she said. "What card do you want to represent yourself?" she asked. Last time she'd just had the cards choose, but Brianna hadn't seemed overwhelmingly pleased with what fate had picked out for her, so she figured she'd do it the other way around this time. "Or do you want me to look through the cards and see if I can find you?" she asked, reaching out to unwrap the deck. Because it was possible Addison was in there.

Have no real idea what that meant, Addison decided the second option would probably be better. So she held up two fingers and hoped that Janie would figure out what meant.

Janie glanced up, then nodded, starting to sift through the cards. She kept rifling through, trying to catch the girl's features. It was kind of hard on some of them, because not all cards lent themselves to sticking a detailed person in there, or someone who was recognizable. But she tried anyways, continually glancing up at Addison as she did, so she could keep getting the visual reference.

After the third or fourth time Janie looked at her, Addison got up to put soup in a bowl and the sandwich on a plate. The other sandwich was set in the pan and it hissed softly, and both dishes were brought to Janie and set off to the side of her so that she wouldn't knock them or get any on the cards. And then she went off to get a spoon that she brought back as well. That done, she sat down again and watched Janie curiously.

Setting a card down for Addison, Janie handed over the deck. "Think about what you want to know about, if it's a general reading and all, just concentrate on yourself and the situation at hand." she said. "If you want something specific, you'll need to let me know what the question is. But, concentrate, shuffle until it feels ready to you, cut the cards three times, put them back together, and give the cards back to me." she instructed.

Addi nodded, deciding that a general reading would be best because honestly didn't have a specific anything in mind. The best laid plans of mice and men tended to get really fucked up in the experiments. Well, maybe not the mice. And she couldn't think of a specific problem right now, since it was all just one big problem. But she concentrated on the deck when she picked up with her long artists' fingers, and began to shuffle. Her grandmother, bless her soul (and body), was an avid card player, and had taught her how to do it quickly. Addison took her time with this, though, and it took her a minute or so to decide that they were done. She cut the deck three times, put them back together, and pushed them back to Janie.

And then she got up to flip over her own sandwich.