To nominate, please PM the mods journal (scientists) Put in what you're nominating and for what, for scenes, please include the link to the scene. For quotes, please remember to include who said it. Remember, a lot of things are awesome, so please don't try and limit yourself to only one nom for a category! Nom as many times as you like!! ^_^ Thank you, happy nomming! ♥

Best Scene
Best Line/Quote
Best Dialogue
Best Character
Best Fight/Argument Scene
Funniest Scene
Best Drama
Best Group Scene (Scene with more than two characters)
Best Solo Scene (Scene with only one character)
Best First-Meeting
Best Journal Entry
Best PM Exchange
Funniest Character
Cutest Character
Sexiest Character
Character You Love to Hate (aka 'the Magnificent Bastard Award' - for those characters you really like because of their bad side!)
Best Pair(note: this doesn't have to be a couple)
Best Adversaries