PM to Cheyenne, Ronnie, Addison, and Camber

All right. So yeah. Carnival in town. Since we can't get ourselves together for a girls' night at the bar, me and Dale are hitting the carnival. And you should be there too. I mean it. Last one there pays for the cotton candy.

PS: If you've got someone you wanna bring along to the fun, pass this along. The more the merrier!

PM to Cheyenne, Dale, Glitch

So I think I'm going to be passing on the proposed group mixer we'd talked about, but I'm hoping one of you wouldn't mind taking charge and making sure it still happens, I think it's needed. Sorry to be abrupt, I'm just going to be staying in today. I'll talk to all of you soon.

- Ronnie

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Hey guys, it's Jillian. So listen, I'm at Saj's and he hit his head pretty badly two days ago when we were all locked up in crazytown. Is there anyone here who's got medical experience and can come over and look at him? He's got a bad bruise and is vomiting, I'm pretty sure that means concussion and I don't know what else to do for him. We're at 11 Main street.

PM to Tobias

Are you there? Did you get out of wherever they had us? Are you speaking to me? Please?


Arriving in Mombai (Bombay - which one do you use anyway? I can never work that out...) was a shock to the system. Just the sheer amount of people. This crush of sheer humanity - it was almost overwhelming, to all senses. Smells, sounds, the whole lot. I didn't know where to look, though in the end the 'porter' trying to convince me that I needed someone to carry my bag got my attention.

PM to Leo

I need someone to confide in. Can I use you for that? In person.


This may be an odd question, to some of you, but I hope it's not rude.

Given the last few days, and the experiment that I was in -- being suddenly dropped into a home is welcome, but not so welcome. The thing is, I hate being alone. There isn't anyone who would like a roommate, is there? I have a second bedroom and I promise not to get into your way. I can cook, if anyone isn't so skilled at that ;) I just hate being alone...


PM to Glitch

Thank you for chatting with me during the last two days. I appreciate it.


private messages to Stan, Svetlana, Everett

To Stan
Good morning, Stan, I wanted to check in and see how you were today. Hopefully your time hasn't been too rough, and I wanted to know if you would like to meet face to face sometime at your convenience? I'd be happy to meet you anywhere you'd like. I look forward to hearing from you,

To Svetlana
Svetlana, I hope you are well. I hope that you were not too upset by the last few days, and wondered when it may be convenient to see you. Please get back to me at your convenience,

To Everett
Everett, I hope you're well, especially after the last few days. I was wondering if we might want to talk soon about the town, and what we might have in mind for things. Get back to me as soon as you can,

PMs to Jesse, Glitch, Dale, Cheyenne, Camber

PM to Cheyenne, Dale, Glitch, Camber

Everyone okay? I'm guessing I wasn't the only one with an elevator, but... now I'm in this house? Gonna head out in a bit and figure out where I am exactly, but I wanted you all to know I'm alright. Group drinking night really needs to happen soon, I'm voting for it. Maybe not tonight, I'm resettling and stuff, but tomorrow? Everyone let me know if there's anything that needs doing.

- Veronica

PM to Jesse