Ko Samui - Private Journal Entry (but also copied by PM to Dale, Lilith, Joy and Janie)

White sands, clear ocean, palm trees. It was like something out of a film, or an advert. I half expected some woman to come prancing along in a bikini advertising Bounty. But a thought like that feels like cheapening it now.

I got this little beach hut. And I mean, right on the beach. It had a couple of palm trees outside, and there was this guy that used to tie his fishing boat up at one of them. I don’t think he was meant to. He got in trouble a couple of times I was there, got apologies from some official at one point, about this bloke and his boat and how he was marring the landscape, or some shit. I told the official that I didn’t mind. I actually ended up bribing the guy to go away and turn a blind eye. The fisherman was just trying to earn a living, after all.

Spent a night down the bar with the fisherman after that. And got offered some serious drugs by his friend, who wasn’t a fisherman. Turned them down – that’s not my scene. Never liked drugs.

So yeah, spent a while on a beach, underneath a palm tree, intermittently with a grateful fisherman whose name I wish I could remember. He took me out tot he coral reef one day.

All of it, it was just beautiful. Blue and white, greens.