Date: Thursday, October 9th 2008

Event: Just as night falls, Glitch awakes in his house, in bed. All his possessions, if any, are already put away. The keys to his property can be found on the kitchen table. He were told yesterday whilst at the facility that he would be being moved to the town, he had, however, been led to believe that he'd be being driven in, rather than going to sleep and waking up having been moved. Has hasn't any knowledge or information about why the town is abandoned, in fact he was led to believe that everything was normal.

Shiver and Twitch

who: svetlana and open to owen
when: during all the kerfuffle with scott
where: nearish to the town hall, lurking.

Just Another Day

Who: Adam and open
Where: South edge of the farm
When: Afternoon

Adam didn't celebrate Christmas - whether it came on the right day or not. In fact, Adam didn't celebrate anything. It was not allowed under his religion. Celebrations were a distraction, a dalliance of the flesh, they were not the Way. He appreciated his gift for the functional value it had. He appreciated that it allowed him to be more productive. That was right, that was proper.

anger with a guilt chaser

who: jesse and saj
where: the park
when: mid day

Jesse had waited until Owen and Joy had left. He didn't know where the hell the other chick that lived with them was. He'd also passed Joy's room, and spotted the bar sitting in there, and he stole a bottle of whiskey. Which sure, could possibly come to bite him in the ass later. But right now, he could not summon the energy to care. In fact, he couldn't summon the energy to do anything but want to drink himself into a coma. So he'd taken the bottle, needed to get the hell out of the house, and he'd bundled up and gone for a walk. And kept walking. He didn't go wherever everyone else was headed--hell, he didn't even know where that was.

His mind wouldn't shut up. Even if he'd already killed about a quarter of the bottle? it still kept right on going. Grinding over everything. About how he'd been waiting for months to hear a single word, and the first thing he gets told is that she's there--but their daughter isn't. And no actual idea where she was. Oh, and the real kick to the teeth--that she 'can't do this right now'. What the shit was that? Talking about suffering. His feelings were all mashed together, none of them positive. Not after that initial rush of relief that she was here. Not when she wouldn't even talk to him and refused to see him. Because she couldn't do this right now. Because his time had been a piece of cake. And where the hell was their daughter? God. Jessie.

Swirls of anger, mixed with honest to god pain were ruling about half of him, and the other half was dedicated fully to self loathing and guilt. It wasn't a great combo. So, sitting on the bottom of the slide at the little playground in the park, he just...stared out at the distant tree line and drank, hoping that eventually here, he'd at least kill one of the stabs of badness that sliced heavy through his chest.

Family Drama on Christmas

Who: Open to the groups converging on Scott. And of course Scott.
When: Morning
Where: Town Hall and the Christmas tree

Before having gotten dressed to leave, he had quickly opened his box but didn't really peruse the contents which was why he had only grabbed the video camera. There wasn't really time to look and it would be there later (he hoped). Although he was definitely pleased that there was a video camera because this stuff needed to be documented. Anyhow, he'd gotten dressed quickly and made his way downstairs with the video camera.

With Cheyenne hanging off of his arm the whole time in a complete and utter death grip, it was kind of difficult to slush through the snow. Still, he wasn't going to complain because someone was with him. He wasn't alone and that was the best feeling in all the world. Plus she had the umbrella and his poor pale skin wasn't going to get beaten with the sun.

Muslims don't do Christmas

who: Saj
when: morning
where: his room

Whispers in the Graveyard

Who: Posy and open to Chris
Where: the Cemetery
When: morning.


Who: Dave (solo/open)
When: Very early morning
Where: Hospital/clinic

Dave had woken around 5am, as he did every morning. The envelope he'd seen straight away, the contents had been hard to deny. Naturally, his attention had gone straight to that. His shower had been as short as he could manage, before he headed out, jogging through the snow-covered streets to the hospital. In his rush, he'd completely missed the message left about the town hall, and his route hadn't taken him past there. Instead he'd gone another way, heading up to the hospital to check out the new clinic.

He hadn't really got how much he'd missed it. When the town had been populated, he'd felt stifled under the yoke of superiors, not being in charge. Fucking consultants, reminding him he'd been 'one of them', humouring him, he felt. But now - now there as nobody else. Not really. He'd missed this. As fucked up as it was, he was back.

Dreaming of a white... October?

Who: Jillian, open to Shane and Jack
When: 8 am
Where 2 Short Street

Normally, Christmas music wouldn't be something that would make Jillian wake up screaming. After her time in the experiment, however, sudden loud noises jolting her out of sleep were an entirely different story, and it took her a few confused seconds to realize it was music instead of a siren going off every hour on the hour. She dropped back into bed, fighting to calm down and keep her heart from bursting out of her chest. After a second, she got up to see if there was some way to turn off the music, because eight o'clock in the morning was much too early to be awake. It was about that time that she noticed the brightly wrapped boxes in her room, one of them with... holes in it? Unwrapping the box nearest the door, Jillian found a bunch of dog toys and care items. That was random... until she opened the second box, containing the most adorable puppy she'd ever seen in her life. Picking up the furry little thing and giving it a good cuddle, she opened her bedroom door and stepped into the hallway, wondering if anyone else was up.

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Who: Owen and Open!
Where: 1 maple street
When:Eight in the morning