Find the center

Who: Ronnie and open
Where: the park on Park & Oakdale
When: morning

She'd had the dream again. She couldn't help it, it came when it wanted to and always left her the same. Jessie was small again, no more than two or three, small enough that plenty of night she curled up in bed with Ronnie. Jesse was still there, though he'd never really left, but in the dream? They were engaged, things seemed great, and that made waking all the worse.

checkin in on the toby

who: cheyenne and tobias
where: their house
when: mid morning


Who: Esme and Leo
Where: Their house
When: Morning

Leo was up early, half expecting Christmas tune again, grateful when there was nothing. The paints he'd been given yesterday were still there. He'd decided that today, was painting day - that was going to be this afternoon. But, first, he'd made a promise to a lady, so he got up, got dressed in a pair of jeans and a red poloneck t-shirt and headed downstairs, finishing off a breakfast bar on the way, the uneaten chocolate bar from yesterday still shoved into his back pocket, and knocked on her door.

Trying Not To Talk


Who: Brett and Eris
Where: The vicarage - hallway/ kitchen
When: Early morning

Eris had gotten up early. Kind of stupidly early, because she had gone to bed really early. She was feeling better. Not one hundred percent, or anything, but she was moving faster, her head didn't pound constantly, and the little ache in it was actually something that was kind of normal for her. She got headaches a lot. Her fever seemed to have gone down some too. She'd even gotten dressed today. Real clothes and everything, though she stuck with warmer things, comfortable things. She was sitting on the third stair up from the bottom, looking down at the Brett-doll she'd retrieved again from the doll house. She kept thinking she was going to check it. See what was under the eye patch. See what kind of cut the missing limb had. All that kind of thing, but she hadn't yet. And, as she was sitting there, staring down at the doll in her hands, she was kicked out of her heavy thoughts by the watch on her wrist. With the little musical alarm that was going off. She couldn't place the song, but it sounded like a music box to her. The light on it started to flash as well. She didn't do anything, just stared down at it, watching the little smileyface icon on the lcd screen blink.

Brett had been up for a while as well. Given the last few days, sleeping in didn't really feel like an option any more, and he didn't want another day where everything was getting started before he'd had a chance to privately get himself ready for the day. So, he'd woken early this morning and kept himself very much to himself until he felt ready to face whatever it was they had to face today. He was, however, pleased to see that the chair they'd given him yesterday hadn't been taken away again. It was a damn sight better than anything he'd had in the past, and far and away above the piece of crap they'd given him for a couple of days. He rolled out into the hallway almost silently, enjoying the lack of squeak and the loss of rusty resistance. And, as such, he saw her before she saw him and he looked at her, noting the small signs that told him she was looking rather better today.


Date: Friday, October 10th 2008

Weather: The bright, sunny weather continues. Mostly blue skies, with a smattering of clouds high up in the sky. There's a cold wind today though, so if you're going out, make sure you wrap up warm!

Events: Christmas is clearly over - all the decorations have gone and the houses are back to the way they were a couple of days ago. Just as with every other day this week, everything's reset - people will wake up back in their beds, no matter where they went to sleep; food has been restocked, everything's the same - except that the presents which arrived yesterday will still be wherever they were left the night before.

People are disappearing again though! Jason, Emma, Dave and Lina have been removed overnight with no explanation!

The households are as follows:
Leah, Scott, Saj and Will staying at 2 Oakdale Drive

Adam, Veronica, Cheyenne and Tobias staying at 10 Park Road

Shane, Jillian, Lilith and Jack staying at 2 Short Street

Kaori, Salem and Svetlana staying at 3 Oakdale Drive

Dale, Leo and Esme staying at 2 Maple Street

Chris, Bethany, Jesse, Joy and Owen staying at 1 Maple Street

Brianna, Cam, Janie, Addison and Indira staying at 9 Park Road

Everett, Brett, Hannah, Glitch,Posy and Eris staying at the Vicarage

If you have any events or anything going on which you think warrants a mention in the time update, please let us know!


held for jack and bethany and shenannigans

addison and janie

Who: Addison and Janie
Where: In their house
When: Lunch? Early afternoon? When's good for Janie?


Who: Jesse and Ronnie
Where: Ronnie's room
When: late at night

It was late. Way late, actually. After midnight late. But Jesse was trudging along, the cold doing a whole lot to wake him up properly, and while he still had the lingering effects of the massive amount of alcohol he'd killed earlier, he was mostly sober. And he was looking for Ronnie. He'd gone on the computer, found out where she was, and was trying to follow the directions he'd written down for himself. He'd also found out that after he'd left after sending her his apologies, she'd written back to him.


Just So. Cock.

Who: Glitch and anyone who might be back at the vicarage by now.
When: About 8:30PMish or so
Where: The Vicarage

Glitch had been a little shocked when she woke up in her new bed. Aside from the fact that it was night, which would mean that somehow she slept during the day, she'd been told she'd be driven into her new home, not just dumped there. Bolting from her bed, she immediately ran to the door to open it a little, then clicked on a light, chirping every now and then as she did.

Cabin Fever


Who: Camber (and Jesse, later on)
When: afternoon
Where: Heading down from the farm towards the middle of town