Search and Rescue.

Who: Will
When: Late afternoon
Where: Between the house and the clinic

Will burrowed into his coat, walking along the now-desolate streets of the town, retracing the steps he had taken with Leah the day before. It was a clear, sort of beautiful day, but no one was out, and the decorations of yesterday were down. He wasn't sure what was more sinister - the decorations themselves or the fact that they'd ever been up. Nothing about their abrupt Christmas seemed very pleasant.

He was very conscious of the fact that Leah wasn't with him; very conscious of the fact that she had probably come this way on her own. Her disappearance bothered him more than he could even articulate, but his attempts to convince himself that she must have been hurt somewhere weren't working very well. He walked quickly, lit a cigarette with shaking hands, scanned the snow for footprints or signs of a struggle without much hope.



who: shane and joy
where: around town
when: afternoon

Shane had gone for a drive. It had taken him a little while to actually notice that he'd gotten a present too, and it was his car. His baby. And she was purring like she always did. So, when stress was building up again, and he felt just about like he was going to be driven entirely insane, he'd gone for a drive. It wasn't quite the same without the ability to have the top down, but whatever. He still had his shades on anyhow like it was mid summer. The glare off of the snow was bright enough to hurt his eyes. And sure, he didn't have far he could go, but at the moment he could care less. He had the window rolled down, and his mp3 player playing loud as he pulled up to a stop sign--not that anyone else was out driving. He leaned back in his seat, one hand on the wheel, the other tapping out the drum beat to the song that played.

What'll it take to get it through to you precious
I'm over this. Why do you wanna throw it away like this
Such a mess. Why would I want to watch you...

In the Know

Who: Posy & Open
When: Afternoon
Where: Vicarage


Date: Thursday, October 9th 2008

Event: Sometime during the day, it's not clear exactly when, Leah is removed from the town. The clinic remains open, and stocked, but with both doctors having been removed from town today, it's no longer staffed...

After dark, however, Leah's room is filled again - this time by Sophie. As per usual, she awakens in her bed with no knowledge of how she got there. All her belongings are put away in her room. She has not been given any information in regards to the town being abandoned.

Thinking time

Who: Indira and open
When: Around 6-ish
Where: Park Road, heading towards the park

Cough, hack, wheeze.

Who: Scott, Will and Leah
When: about 7 ish
Where: 2 Oakdale drive

Scott woke up sweating, coughing up one of his lungs. Barely conscious, he got up and was halfway across the room before it occurred to him. Wait... wasn't I in the hospital? Snapping into reality with a sneeze, he looked around and looked down at himself. Yes, he was definitely back in his bedroom, wearing his pajamas. If it wasn't for the horrendous cold he had, he might have convinced himself that the whole thing had been a dream.

on the way to the haunted house

who: cheyenne and jack
where: the streets
when: noonish

Cheyenne had left a note for Veronica at the house, that was short and sweet. It read:
'Ronnie! Went to check on Glitch, talk to you soon!
kisses! ♥ cheyenne

She didn't want to run out on the girl when she'd just got in, and she knew they needed to talk too, but she'd seen Ronnie, seen she was all whole, in one piece and everything, and she needed to go check Glitch out to be sure of the same. Which meant she had on her sunglasses again, she was all bundled up nice...with the big black umbrella. She looked like a very silly vampire. Or something. She didn't know. But she couldn't help it. She was also determined to try and get to the house without bailing, or trying to duck into the nearest car. Which...was proving difficult, really. And in fact, as she walked along, she needed to take a second to huddle in a empty house's porch, needing the little roof over her head, and she stood there shivering for a long moment, counting to ten, trying to tell herself it was fine, the big bad wide open world was just the same as it had always bloody well been, it wasn't any different, and couldn't hurt her.

That was just easier to say than accept in a state where one wanted to hyperventilate.

unexpected aid and insights

Who: Eris and Everett
Where: Vicarage, second floor
When: early evening

All the Time in the World

Who: Esme and Tobias
When: around lunchtime
Where: 2 Maple Street, the living room and later Esme's room

as we professionals say: this sucks.

who: kaori and open to those in her house!
where: the living room
when: mid morning