Oh... CRAP.

Who: Jillian and open to Shane and Posy
When: Morning
Where: Who knows? She's in HER room...

Ukrainian, motherfucker, do you speak it?

who: svetlana. open to others via PM, too. (hannah, bethany, sophie, owen)
where: freakout central
when: who knows?

Creature comforts

Who: Everett, open to Cheyenne, Eris, and Glitch via PMs
Where: His room
When: morning

He'd been woken by the soft chime and trill of Camber's message hitting the computer to the north of his room, but Everett hadn't even considered it to be a bad thing at first. No, he'd woken up to a deep feeling of relief, a wonderful surge of hope. Why? Well, because for a second there, he'd believed that the last nine months had simply been a horrible, horrible dream.

Send out the black bird. Send out the dove.

Who: Ronnie (open to Dale, Janie, Jesse, and Tobias via PMs)
Where: her room
When: morning

Ronnie wished she wasn't so comfortable. It wasn't something most people ever wished for, but she had her reasoning. She'd only had two nights in the farm house, but those two nights had given her a feel for the old bed she'd been staying in. It sagged in some spots, it squeaked and groaned, but it was as familiar as everything else in town. So when she slowly returned to consciousness and rolled onto her side, the lack of that squeak didn't sit well.

It's a Psychobilly Freakout!

Who: Joy
Where: Her Own Private Hell
When: About 8ish?

No. Not again. Never. Again.

Looking Around and Messages

Who: Brett and various PMs (to Owen, Hannah, Camber and Eris)
Where: His room/elsewhere
When: Morning

It was the sunlight and the fucking birdsong that woke him. Which, considering it was the middle of fucking winter and he'd been living for several days in a drab and dank house, a dawn chorus was not what he'd expected.

Neither did he expect to open his eyes and find himself lying in some kind of bower, as though he was in the middle of some kind of fucking Disney film. All it needed for completion was a rambling rose or some shit. Damn, the thing even had ivy. He pushed back the blankets and sat up, looking around. The day was nice - warm, even, though not too hot. And he appeared to be in the middle of a wood. His first thought, looking around, was 'what the fuck happened to winter' - since there was a notable lack of snow and cold. What there was was plenty of trees, and grass, flowers even - little wild flowers scattered all over the place.


Date: Saturday, October 11th 2008

Weather: Who knows? Who cares!

Events: Things have really changed today! No matter where people went to sleep, they will wake up alone and in bed, but the beds aren't in their rooms. And by 'alone', they're really alone. Each person awakes in a room which is fitted out to be an environment they would be comfortable in. Each room is different, and large - around 30-40ft square. But there are no doors or other exits. The only constant in each room is that there are five computer terminals - one each to the north, south, east and west of the room, and one in the middle somewhere. The exact positioning varies from room to room to fit with the design. The middle computer seems set up for journal entries. Each of the satellite computers are set up for IM/PMs, but investigation shows that there's no choice who these messages go to. In fact, each of the four computers only connects to one other computer, but there's no clue from the set up who that may be!

For player reference, the computers set as follows:-

Stan Scott Jesse Sophie
Jack Kaori Brianna Owen Svetlana Bethany
Shane Addison Camber Brett Hannah Will
Jillian Glitch Everett Eris Joy Saj
Posy Adam Cheyenne Dale Leo Lilith
Esme Salem Tobias Ronnie Janie Indira

If your character is on an edge, their computer connects to the person on the opposite side (So, for example, Sophie connects to Stan).

In character move-rounds, Chris has been removed and Stan enters!

If you have any events or anything going on which you think warrants a mention in the time update, please let us know!

Running To Stand Still

Who: Glitch, Cheyenne, and possibly Jack
Where: Outside the vicarage
When: Noonish (just after Cheyenne and Jack's previous scene)

Glitch was glowing with sweat despite the cold. But it had felt so good to just run. She hadn't had that freedom in months. Seeing Ronnie was a bonus she hadn't expected, but one that really warmed her soul. It really helped her outlook to see that she was alive and healthy. It gave her hope for the other people from her experiment that had gotten out.


Who: Will, and anyone currently in 2 Oakdale Drive (residing or visiting!)
When: After dark
Where: aforementioned house of "Experiment E-ers with S names...& Will"

Will had taken the long way back, in some kind of hope of finding Leah amongst the twists and turns of the town. He didn't have all the streets quite memorized -- and had gotten lost -- but as dark fell, he knew he needed to get home before something happened to Scott or himself, and started paying attention. He wasn't finding Leah and this was doing no good.

i don't think i ordered a crazy person delivery?

who: svetlana, open to owen, and possibly others in his house?
when: nightfall
where: owen's house