Now what?


Who: Lina
When: Early morning
Where: Her house

As if everything else of the past few days of debriefing and examination hadn't been weird enough, Lina was now absolutely certain that she was tripping balls.

This was her house. And it wasn't just that this was her house, it was that this was her house. This was every house she'd ever lived in growing up. Same layout, same door frames, same fucking windows... after a moment of feeling horribly exposed and not sure what to do with herself, Lina had felt the need to run to the kitchen and make sure there was no basement door. She sagged against the wall in relief when she saw that there was not. One very important difference, at least. Maybe military base housing was all the same, even in Russia.

Looking around the house, she didn't even have to close her eyes to imagine it as places she'd grown up in. She knew exactly where her mother would have put every stick of furniture. Where the godawful patchwork couch would be, her old man's medals, her mom's favorite painting of the dancing woman... her father's gunrack.

I need a fuckin' drink. Alcohol had been a rarity, out in the woods. Even with that time they found a ballroom in a goddamn cave.

Coeus squacked loudly, and Lina realized she'd just set him down on the floor after needing to see if there was a basement. She headed back into the living room - her living room, god it was ugly - and picked him up, putting him on her shoulder as she looked towards the bedroom doors. She didn't have to look to know which of the three doors was the bathroom, and which were bedrooms. She knew this shit already, even if she didn't want to. If I wake up in the woods, and this was all a fuckin' dream... I won't know whether to be pissed or happy. She had no fucking clue how to feel about any of this.


Date: Monday, September 22nd 2008
Weather: The weather over the past few days has been definitely autumnal, but today seems nicer than most – there’s a nip to the air once darkness comes, but the day itself is crisp, clear and warm in the sun, thin wispy clouds are all that mar the pure blue skies.
Events: The town is beginning to get populated now. Having begun the shut down of the experiments in early September, some people have already settled into the small town, others are arriving every day. There’s a sense of bustle and there are new faces seemingly everywhere.

Everyone seems to have gone through the same routine, but for differing lengths of time. Once removed from the experiment, or found wherever they happened to be, each participant was taken for ‘debriefing’, a medical checkup (both physical and mental) and discussion about options in the town together with a rundown of the fact that the experiments had been closed and that there had been more than one (though details were not really supplied about the nature of other experiments).

In town, they seem to be going all out to help people settle in. Houses are provided fully furnished to a basic level and each person has access to a bank account which has been set up for them. But, more than that, there are stands set up on Main Street giving away items for free to help newcomers out – clothes, books, games etc. All of them are second hand, donations from around the world, but there’s obviously a feel of wanting to make a new start in life.

Today is also the grand opening of Penny Royals flower shop!

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