good morning, sunshine

who: brett and eris
where: spooky doom house
when: morning

When Eris regained consciousness, it wasn't necessarily a pleasant sort of experience. She woke into a world where her head pounded, her body ached, her throat was sore, her stomach ached, she felt vaguely like she was going to be sick, and...generally speaking she felt awful. She was also vaguely surprised, because she really hadn't expected to wake up at all. So upon waking, and realizing she wasn't in fact, dead, and was back in the most uncomfortable damn bed in the known universe...Eris was a little hard pressed to be grateful for continued survival.

She groaned and curled farther into a ball, the movement making shivers break out through her form, since a little of the cool air of the room drifted in through the thin blanket. God, she felt terrible. She probably needed to take something. Or...find a window to leap out of. Cynically, she figured she was only on the second floor. She likely wouldn't actually die. Crap. After having to convince herself a whole lot, she got out of bed, dragging the blanket with her, wrapping it round her shoulders as her teeth chattered. Stumbling out of her room, she tried to remember where the bathroom was, but...that was kinda beyond her reach at the moment. So she shuffled along til she was reaching out for the rail to keep herself upright, breath coming heavier than she would have liked. She only vaguely realized after her vision cleared that she was looking down into Brett's room again. Why the hell didn't he have a ceiling, anyways? What the hell kind of room was that? Who built this house, and what kind of crack had they been on in the first damn place?

Brett was sleeping, lying on his side, his legs positioned carefully beneath the covers, supported by pillows, a position that actually only left him one pillow to support his head, which he'd folded in half and scrunched up to get high enough and which he was holding in place in his sleep by wrapping an arm around it. At least, that had been the plan - he'd got himself comfortable last night, got himself enough pillows by stealing some from the empty room next door, since this fucking house didn't have enough in just his room. But, sometime in the night, those stolen pillows had been stolen back and since then Brett's sleep had become increasingly disturbed as his unconscious mind noticed the subtle change in positioning. Not that he could actually feel the loss of the pillows from his legs, but the change altered the angle of his body and a host of other small matters that registered as Not Right. It had been different when they'd been travelling, he'd expected that, but in a bed - even an uncomfortable one - when he'd specifically set himself up before going to sleep? He remembered that shit, he had to - he didn't want to ever have to worry about pressure sores and other shit like that. he shifted slightly in his sleep, muttering to himself and showing signs of waking up.

Clearing a Path


Who: Dave and open
Where: The path outside the house
When: Mid-morning

Huh. Not bad.

who: janie and brianna
where: their house of crazypants guestage
when: mid morning

Janie had gotten up and was sitting on the floor in the living room, on one of the rugs. She had her tarot cards with her, and while she was still in her jammies and robe, she had brushed her hair and she had a bowl of cereal next to her. She was looking at the card she'd drawn for the day, and musing over it's meanings.

day 2 in casa de shane

who: shane and jack
where: shane's house
when: mid morning

everyone has to eat

who: kaori and svetlana
when: morning
where: kaori's house

Kaori got up, and went to make breakfast. She made scrambled eggs, some sausage, and coffee, before she squeezed fresh orange juice to add to it. Setting things up on a tray, she headed upstairs, grabbing a notebook and pen on her way up to the room Svetlana was located in. Knocking on the door softly, she stood back a pace or two so she wasn't crowding the door. "Hello? I've brought some breakfast, I was wondering if you would like to eat with me, miss?" she called in a gentle, even tone, not overly loud.

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

Who: Joy and anyone else who stumbles across her. Likely just Chris, Bethany, or Owen, considering the weather.
When: Morning
Where: 1 Maple Street

Joy woke up from another dream with a shout. "Abby!" she shouted out, sitting up in the bed with her arms outstretched. Of course. Just another stupid, fucking dream. Taking them away from me again. She curled up on the bed, her knees almost touching her nose. "Hush little baby, don't say a word, momma's gonna buy you a mocking bird..." She rocked back and forth for a moment before it dawned on her that she was... someplace else.

Nightmares & Communications

Who: Svetlana
Where: Wandering around 3 Oakdale Drive
When: Late night/early morning. Around 3am.


Date: Tuesday, October 7th 2008

Weather: Hello, nasty, kicked up insane snowstorm. The power flickers on and off all day, sometimes going out for half an hour at a time(though oddly, the computers seem to be on their own power source, and never go down). Outside the wind is howling, the snow is raging, and even seeing across the street is difficult. Woah nelly, is there a world of cold, snowy doom outside. Travel anywhere isn't advised, and is in fact, very difficult.

Events: It must be groundhog day! Today dawns exactly the same as yesterday. Meaning everything that was moved is exactly where it had been the day before. Anyone who hopped households is right back where they started. Everything down to the placement of items in the rooms in the houses has been re-set. Food has been re-stocked. The only changes are to people in some households. Drew and Jeremy have been removed from the house they were staying at over night, and instead Joy has been put into Jeremy's old room. Trevor has also disappeared overnight.

The households are as follows:
Leah, Trent, Scott, Saj and Will staying at 2 Oakdale Drive

Ben, Adam and Tobias staying at 10 Park Road

Shane, Jillian, Penny and Jack staying at 2 Short Street

Lina, Dave, Kaori and Svetlana staying at 3 Oakdale Drive

Jason, Emma, Dale and Esme staying at 2 Maple Street

Chris, Bethany, Joy and Owen staying at 1 Maple Street

Brianna, Cam, Janie, Addison and Indira staying at 9 Park Road

Everett, Brett, Hannah, Posy and Eris staying at the Vicarage

Again, no one will have any memory of being moved, they will only recall falling asleep last night wherever they went to lie down.

The rest of the town is still boarded up tight. All other houses are locked up tight, and anyone wanting to get inside may have to resort to use of a chainsaw or two. All public buildings are the same, and the power seems to be out in them as well.

All public buildings are completely emptied. Stores, the rec center, the bowling alley, everything, it's all emptied out.

If you have any events or anything going on which you think warrants a mention in the time update, please let us know!

Stand Off


Who: Brett and Hannah
Where: The vicarage
When: Late afternoon

His wheelchair was still a piece of uncomfortable stained shit, but at least it got him where he wanted it to now without a lot of hard work and an annoying squeak. Most of the rust was gone from the wheels and it moved smoothly. Hell, the thing shone in places, but then Brett had worked like hell on the fucking thing all day. Or most of the day. It was easier than thinking about things anyway. Things like the fact that his room might be liveable, but the kitchen was a fucking death-trap and he couldn't get himself to go in there. The galley shape meant that he wasn't convinced he'd be able to turn round once he entered and it'd kicked up his claustrophobia like nothing else. So, right now, he was fucking starving. So far today he'd managed to find some food in his bags, along with the note from Eris. He'd balled it up and thrown it away. She was a fucking liar, she'd lied to him - he wouldn't put it past her to lie to him about not lying to him. People couldn't be trusted. People were just waiting for the angles. She'd even admitted it to his face. What she'd been - clearly what she still was. And he'd given her the benefit of the fucking doubt. He'd been understanding. He'd been a fucking fool who deserved everything he fucking got and it was better off that she was out of his fucking life.

He was sat out on the porch at the front of the house, recovering from his latest attempt to brave the kitchen. Latest failed attempt. He needed the air, so he was sat there, in his piece of crap chair, eyes closed, head back a little, just breathing. It was cold, but he'd lived through colder. There was the smell of impending snow in the air - he refused to think about what that would mean for her if all the houses were locked up. Or worry about whether she'd taken her meds today. Fuck her. Fuck all of them. He just wanted to be alone.

Posy's Theories.

Who: Posy and Open
When: Afternoon
Where: The Vicarage