Who: Scott (closed)
Where: His bedroom
When: Bedtime, nearly midnight
Rating: Slightly NSFW

Scott had tried to stay up. He really had. He felt like a kid waiting up to see Santa Claus, only for much more serious reasons. He wanted to be awake to see whoever was moving them, whoever was cleaning up, and get some answers. And he thought they'd finally slipped up and given him a way to beat them at their own game.

Bored now.

Who: Joy and Jesse
When: After dinner, about 7pm
Where: Kitchen

talking, sort of

who: shane and jillian
where: his house
when: late afternoon

Wanna play stuffed animal parade?

Who: Esme and Leo
When: Mid-afternoon
Where: Living room

Well, it was something different at least.

The world's worst marching band

Who: Scott and anyone who cares to join in
Where: Same place as yesterday
When: Early, about 7-ish. Coffee time.

Scott had gotten up early to take a bath and shave what little hair he had left on his head. He'd kept it shaved for years, but lately the job seemed to be taking about a third of the time it had taken him when he was younger. He'd gotten dressed, wearing the same outfit he'd worn yesterday, although he didn't remember hanging it up. He figured he'd be the nice guy and make coffee for the others, get a nice smell going in the house.

Time In A Box

Who: Open to Cam, Janie, Addison and Indira - multiples fine. :B
When: Just before breakfast
Where: The front hall

Brianna was getting really tired of her room being reset. Oh sure, she appreciated that it would mean the kitchen would be restocked and everything would be nice and clean but how in the world were they sleeping through this resetting? Were they being drugged? Gassed? Likely gassed through the air vents or some such. Maybe Indira and Addison were just making her paranoid... But how the Hell else did you explain such occurrences?

the dollhouse

who: everett, eris and brett open to hannah and posy
when: morning
where: front hall

checking in

who: kaori, svetlana (so far)
where: kaori's house
when: morning

Making breakfast again, Kaori noted that the scientists had ignored her. She didn't have any of her case files, and while she'd started writing one up on Svetlana today, (and one for Leah, even if she hadn't met the woman yet) she would have felt a lot better with her case files intact and all together. And someplace that was locked. They weren't left lying around where just anyone could find them or anything, but that was not the point.

invasion of the girly-type

who: cheyenne and open to ben, adam & tobias(good for multiple people!)!
where: 10 park road
when: morning

Cheyenne had woken up fairly early, even if she hadn't quite gotten up straight away. Mostly she'd gotten up and looked around her room. It was kind of smallish, kind of homey. Different. She'd looked outside, but that had proved fairly pointless after a while, being it seemed like someone had taken a huge eraser and scrubbed out the rest of the world out there. Either that or someone had had a terrible accident with an industrial vat of white-out.

New Day Dawning


Who: Leo and Emma
Where: 2 Maple Street
When: Morning

It was later than he thought when Leo woke up with the slight remains of a headache. It took him a moment, but once he'd checked the clock and looked out of the window, he'd realised that was because the snow and clouds out there were making the day seem a lot darker than it should have been. That glance also confirmed that he'd been moved, which was a head trip. He'd expected to be driven to the town today, not simply to wake up in a strange - and baby blue (yuk!) - bed with, apparently, all his things put away. He crossed to the (his?) dresser and checked that. And then moved to the bathroom. Yes - everything was there, set out, in place. He shuddered slightly as he realised that it reminded him very much of that first day in isolation, when he'd woken up and everything had been just so. That little memory had him looking for the door and, when he found it, testing the handle. He couldn't pretend he wasn't relieved when it opened and he stepped out into the hallway. He looked around, realising that he was in a house and for a few minutes, retreated back into his room.

Sitting down at the computer there, he took the opportunity to write in the online journal (thank god he still had that functionality here - if not, he'd have been hunting for a pen and paper first thing! Got to get that in!) before heading out to explore the house. His house - that felt strange. So much space now, space to explore. Would he be sharing with anyone? They hadn't told him either way. If not, he'd have to brave the snow - there would be other people in town. He'd been promised that.