This may be an odd question, to some of you, but I hope it's not rude.

Given the last few days, and the experiment that I was in -- being suddenly dropped into a home is welcome, but not so welcome. The thing is, I hate being alone. There isn't anyone who would like a roommate, is there? I have a second bedroom and I promise not to get into your way. I can cook, if anyone isn't so skilled at that ;) I just hate being alone...


 - private to will!

Aww, sweetheart, that's not rude!! I don't know you or anything, but I wouldn't mind a roomie. I kinda recognized today that I have a few kinda special needs (hope that doesn't scare you!) which is mostly that I'm really really agoraphobic right now? so it's hard for me to go outside. Which is going to make it interesting if I have to. But I do better when I have someone I can take with me. But yeah anyways I'm rambling. I have a two bedroom house too, maybe we can compare notes? Anyways, let me know! I made this private just so like, if you get several offers, no one has to feel like they're stepping on toes or anything, and you can take your pick if you get a lot of candidates. I feel like I should give you references or a resume or something! Anyways, anything you did want to know I'd be totally happy to tell you.
oH! My name's Cheyenne by the way. :) Hope to hear from you soon!

 - private to cheyenne

Hello, Cheyenne :) That doesn't scare me at all. We seem to be opposites - I'm a bit claustrophobic - or rather, afraid of certain kinds of indoor spaces. But maybe we'll balance each other well? I like company, very much, so I'd be glad to go with you outdoors if it helps.

You're the only "candidate" right now, so if you don't mind sharing, you can definitely join me (or I can join you, if you'd prefer).

I just had a bit of a look around to compare. It's a sort of medium sized house, with a garage. The living room's all white with floral couches, and a computer. Not much else. It's a little stark, I'm afraid I'll get it dirty! A couple bathrooms (not locked, thank goodness). There's one blue bedroom and one pink bedroom. I just looked around a bit and it looks like the pink one has a closet, but the blue one has a dresser. The kitchen's all stocked. It's big, my mother would be jealous. Marble counters and a lot of room.

Anything I want to know...I don't know. I feel like I'm back in university and asking "what major are you" - everyone asks each other what experiment they're from. What did you do before the experiments? What do you like doing for fun?

See, we both can ramble :)

 - private to will!

Ha! Well that'll be fun, us having opposite phobias. Maybe we can help each other! And thanks so much, if you can help me with being outside and stuff, that'd be massively awesome and I'd love you forever. My place sounds a lot like yours, with slightly different decor. I think the only thing I'd have to add is that I live close to a good friend of mine, as I peek at the map here? So would you mind at all if you came and lived with me? If it's a problem we can totally hook it up at your place and everything, I just would like to stick close to Ronnie if I can. Experiment-stuff, she was in with me. She's really awesome, friendly and sweet and stuff, even if she can get quiet at times. But still. Way nice. We could so borrow sugar from her whenever we wanted, which I can just tell by the look in your eyes that that was a huge concern of yours. ;)

What did I do before the experiments!! I went to school for a while, but mainly I was a model? And yeah, I know, groantastic and stuff, but I'm not an idiot, and wasn't like a runway model or anything. (I don't know if this makes this worse or not >.> I say model and people almost always give me this look like they've smelled something funny. funny-weird, not funny-ha-ha.) But anyways, I was a kinda...alternative model, I guess you could say. 'Fetish' sounds so crazy, y'know? But yeah, I was a Suicide Girl for a bit if you know what they are. Really short run with that. I gave it up though, the whole industry was getting too creepy for me, and it wasn't like I was all hyped in with the lifestyle. So I went to college, I want to be a photographer (so, you may have to let me photograph you doing random things, fyi) and that's also what I like doing for fun--the photography thing! But I like hanging out, playing cards, watching movies, listening to music, all the standards. I don't really have any nuts pastimes or anything to disclose that would be something you'd need to know, like I don't have burning desires to fill smear myself with lime jello, then go running naked through the streets or anything.

How about you?

 - .

I hope I can help you - that we can help eachother. At very least, you'll be helping by being around :)

I don't mind at all moving to your place. It's not as if I need such large rooms, and I like Ronnie, I've talked to her some on the journals and she seems very friendly. Maybe we can go see her together sometime. I understand wanting to stay close to others from your experiment. Mine was a little different, so that I'm just starting to feel like I'm getting to know some of the people from Experiment C, but it's nice to know that someone went through what you did.

Wow, your life sounds much more interesting than mine. I don't think being a model is anything to be ashamed of, if you're interested in it there's a reason. Too many people repress their interests and do something just because it's prestigious. I don't mind being photographed, either, on that note. Sounds interesting. No one's ever wanted to photograph me before.

I came to the US from France, to study psychology. That's how I got here, I found out about a social experiment in a psychology newsletter, and it sounded like something I'd be interested in...besides, I needed the money for my doctorate. What a mistake. My life has been studying for a while now, but I was a waiter and worked in restaurants to get myself through school. I love having people around - having dinner parties and getting into debates. And I like listening to music, too, and watching films. I used to like going out to clubs and concerts and things, but it's not as though we have much of that around here.

 - private to will!

Sweet! Well, come by whenever you can, I can try to make dinner!! And we can have dinner parties here! I'd love that, god, I'm so happy you're social. So many people I've noticed they just don't actually want to talk to anyone or do anything, and I think that's really sad. Not to mention probably detrimental for them. This isn't the time to kinda hide in a corner!

And very very sweet, I'll be taking lots of pictures of you then!! It'll be fun. Promise! (though I have to say, if I get annoying with it, please please please tell me! I'll stop!) And oo, France! That sounds interesting! I've never been, unfortunately. And a psych major, that's interesting too. Obviously you finished some, cuz you'd be going for your doctorate? I don't know quite how it works, sorry if I'm coming off as a dumbass. But yeah!! I'll be here whenever you get here!