Off Putting

Who: Leo and open to Janie, Joy, Lilith and Dale
Where: His room/PMs
When: First thing

Leo woke early, sunlight filtering through the gaps in the frond roof above his head. He arched, off-balancing in his hammock a little, before he steadied himself, easing a crick out of his back. Hammocks were not the most comfortable things to sleep in after a while. Or, at least, this one wasn't. He half lifted himself-half fell out of the thing, landing on the floor of the hut, reaching for his shorts.

The first thing he noticed was that the chocolate bar he'd kept in his back pocket was gone. That had him on the floor, hunting for it. And then he looked under his pillow - in the hammock, anywhere there might be stashed food. He always had stashed food. But, not today. He headed out to the bar - that had been where the 'kitchen' had been, if there really was one here. There'd been a fridge with some food, a barbecue, it was enough. Only today, the bar had changed - there were shutters between the bar and its roof, and a door instead of the gap to the other side. And the door was locked, a push-button keypad seemingly there to unlock it. Leo tried typing in his pin number. No joy - how would the scientists have known that anyway? He tried a few other codes, but no joy. He noticed that the computer which had yesterday sat on the bar was now on a small stand next to it.

One by one, he checked for messages on the outlying computers, but there were none. This wasn't good, he was trapped here and now they'd taken away his food supply? He needed that food - and they'd taken it all away. He'd been here before - he couldn't do it again, they couldn't do this to him! he tried to centre himself, calm himself down as he headed into the hut, to check the last computer.

He frowned as he read the message there:

Good morning Aargh "Bonebasher" the Slightly Off. We hope you are well, and you have Armless Adele Smithe 5542 - do with it what you will.

That was enough to stop him in his tracks as his mind went from 'flail' to '....huh?' in 0.2 seconds. "What the hell?" he asked outloud. Who the hell was 'Aargh "Bonebasher" the Slightly Off' and what was the Armless Adele Smithe 5542 he supposedly had.

He tried to think about that for a while, before giving up and deciding to ask other people. But, at least it was a distraction to his panic about being foodless as he moved from machine to machine carefully leaving the same message.

I woke up this morning to the weirdest thing. I was wished good morning, they hoped I was well, but I'm not me, apparently. Apparently I'm Bonebasher the Slightly Off (or something, there was also an arrgh or something in there) and I have something I can't actually find what it is. A woman called Adele maybe. Anyone agree this is the weirdest thing ever? Leo

 - .

Dale was staring at the central computer in her own room. It wasn't exactly shocking, but it was definitely more than a little confusing. In fact, the word "What." had been spoken, not as a question but as an entire sentence unto itself because her brain just didn't process the rest of it. Lucky thing that Dale wasn't one of those people who had to pee first thing in the morning, because that would've been really awkward.

Deciding she didn't want to deal with that for at least another ten minutes - someone up in the shiny Experiment Head Office Tower was obviously on crack this morning - Dale did a quick circuit of the room to see if anything else had changed. It hadn't. Which was good and bad in their own respective ways, she supposed.

So she went around to the computers, and grinned slightly to herself when she saw Leo's.

You think you've got problems? I'm Fruity Gwyn Dread. At least yours sounds less like a dessert gone slightly bad. Looking for a Skullcracker The Jawless (with odd sound at the beginning). So why do you suppose they decided you were Slightly Off?

 - .

Leo had to laugh at the name when it came through and he typed up a response. That's definitely interesting. What do you think they're on. And they took away all my food! They've done that before, you know. When I was in isolation. For days - they can't do it again. They just can't! God, that had him thinking about it again. He couldn't do it, he just couldn't live through that again. They needed to give him back his food!

 - .

Leo headed over to Dale's computer and sent across what he'd learned from Janie. Hiya - I have Janie on another line and she says she's Slashin' Jean Dawkins and she has to find Arrggghharr "Stop-Picking-At-It" The Wise, no.4175. Can you see if you can find anyone who can help with either?

 - define 'weird'

Janie had woken up, though she had trouble getting moving right away. It was more the sounds of messages coming in that roused her eventually, and she also noticed the computer at the foot of her bed had a message. Which she read, and just arched an eyebrow at. She did grab a notebook and scribble down the message, though, before she went to the first computer that had a message blinking, and she noted it was Leo. Leo, who had been pretty alright to talk to yesterday. Sitting down, she read his message.

My definition of 'weird' is probably a little more buggered than other people's. So I'm not exactly certain that it's the weirdest thing ever so much as kinda messed up and definitely odd. Mine says I'm Slashin' Jean Dawkins, and I've got to find Arrggghharr "Stop-Picking-At-It" The Wise who's number is 4175. So, I suppose, Psst, Pass it on?

 - .

Leo headed over to the hot tub to pick up the message he knew would be from Janie, reading what she'd written there, hoping that maybe it would be helpful. Pass it on - okay, will do. Will you pass on mine? We need to get this sorted as soon as possible. This really isn't on. he wrote, his message to her rather more clam than some of his others today. Oh and I have Dale here who's Fruity Gwyn Dread and has Skullcracker The Jawless he also sent.

 - and the race is on

Janie smiled faintly. Aye Aye, Captain. I'll pass it on, and the other names too. And yeah, with you, this isn't necessarily the keenest thing ever. But it kinda beats waking up in a very small room with no windows or doors, with one guy who likes you, another who does, and a girl who likes both of those guys, and hates you. Which happened to me at one point. There wasn't a shitter in there either. Oh and there were the hungry ass wolves running around the mansion and the gators in the pool. That sucked too. But yeah, anyways, I'll pass it on. she sent to him.

Then, after a few minutes, she sent him a second message.

I drew a card for you today. The association is, funnily enough, Captivity. The meanings of it are: triviality, censure, freedom, relaxation, origins.

Which, origins, I guess making us jump through hoops to get fed and our nappies changed could be considered that, but that's a pretty far fetched association. but do with that what you will, good sir.

 - ..

Joy was not happy. She'd curled up and gone to sleep in the corner with a couple of bottles and a bunch of cigarettes the night before, despite the continued beeping from the demolished computers. She was less than thrilled when said bottles were locked up, along with the restroom when she woke up. And the god damned computers were back. Smashing things again had done nothing- the doors were unbreakable, and so were the computers- in fact, someone had rigged them chastise her when they were attacked. She was sitting in the corner again, having exhausted herself banging on the keypads, when the computer began happily chirping. Enraged, she ran to the computer and began typing.


 - .

Leo headed over to the other computer - the one that hadn't pinged at all yesterday - and read the 'message' on there. He figured it out, but damn, could someone not use a keybroad there! Hi, I'm Leo, not one of the people who did this. If you have a locked kitchen and loo, then you're in the same boat as all of us. I assume that they've given you some weird-arse name and the name and number for someone else. Can you check whether you have any of the following please:-

Fruity Gwyn Dread
Skullcracker the Jawless
Slashin' Jean Dawkins
Arrggghhar "Stop-Picking-At-It" The Wise (#4175 by the way)
Aargh "Bonebasher" the Slightly Off
Armless Adele Smithe 5542

I've included numbers (which I assume are the codes) where I can. Who are you and who do you have? I assume we're playing match up here, which is a pain, but shouldn't be too hard if we all work together.