day 2 in casa de shane

who: shane and jack
where: shane's house
when: mid morning

After waking up sans Jillian again, something he wasn't happy about, Shane checked on her quietly, then went downstairs to make himself something to eat. This was just...strange. The whole thing. Weird, random room mates. It wasn't that he'd never had them before, as someone who primarily attended boarding schools in his life, he had a lot of experience. That just didn't help the nine months of isolation he'd gone through. And really, he'd been sort of isolating himself afterwards as well, he'd just happened to have done so with Jillian.

He had taken a look in the mirror this morning after his quick shower, and noticed the scratches on his face were faded. That was a plus, he looked slightly less like a cat scratch victim. Crazy fucking woman. He still wasn't thinking about the fact that he'd pulled the trigger on her. Even if the gun hadn't gone off....nope. Not thinking about it. So, shoving that overwhelmingly creepy thought aside, he concentrated more on the bagel he was lathering cream cheese onto. That, while he stared out the window above the kitchen sink at the pure white world out there. Jesus.

 - .

Jack wasn't as surprised to wake up as he was the previous morning, but he was a little disturbed. This wasn't getting to be his favourite week. Scowling, he rubbed a hand over his cheek, the stubble scraping against his palm as he yawned, heading over towards the chest of drawers to grab a jumper.

He tugged it on as he made his way downstairs, giving the other doors a wide berth. His knife, which Jillian had kept, had appeared back in his belt, and he wasn't sure she'd know which pocket it went in, so. Someone'd been there the night before. Yawning again, he ran his hand through his hair, heading into the kitchen, knocking against the wall to let the kid know he was there. Shane. He had to start remembering people's names. He wasn't looking forward to a repeat performance of yesterday.

"Good morning, in so far as we can have one."

 - .

Looking back over his shoulder, Shane nodded. "Yeah, I guess. It's insane outside, though." he noted, not really that surprised either by the appearance of the other man. "Want a bagel? They're right there." he said, indicating the bag of them, as he leaned back against the counter to munch on his, hitting the coffee maker's button to brew some. "So...Jack, right?" he asked. Jack wasn't the only one who was having slight trouble with recalling everyone's names exactly. "What's your story?"

 - .

"uh, yeah. Sure." Smiling slgihtly, he shrugged, heading over to get himself a bagel. He'd always liked them plain. Less fuss. Munching, he looked over at Shane and tilted his head, hiding his other hand inside his sleeve to keep it warm.

"I don't have one, really. I'm a volunteer. Packed up and headed here when asked." It was Shane, right? Might as well say it out loud and get corrected then just get it wrong. "What about you, Shane? Volunteer or participant?" It felt slightly awkward, to be talking about it.

 - .

"Everyone has a story. Why'd you decide to volunteer? How did you find out about it in the first place?" he asked, curious about that. Especially since now apparently poor bastards who just signed up to help people were screwed over too. "What were you even told about us?" he tacked on to the end there before answering his question.

"Participant." he said. Shane was more laid back about talking about it, not really feeling the need to hide it. Most of them were participants, right? "Experiment C, specifically, though we weren't told there was more than one experiment."

 - .

Well. This was an awkward line of questioning. Jack was a private person by default, so talking about crap like this wans't really his favourite thing. So, he gave him the watered down version.

"Uh, I dunno. I'd worked with Habitat for Humanity before. They'd had a request and I sorta stuck my hand up. I didn't want to be in Ohio anymore." Munching on his Bagel, he shrugged. "I was told you guys'd been through something rough and needed someone to run the bar and help build things or take care of general repairs. I didn't expect-. This."

Yeah, this wasn't on the agenda.

"That was the one with the rooms, right?" He was, despite himself, genuinely interested.

 - .

Listening as he ate, Shane watched Jack as he spoke. The information he got there was next to nothing, and something crossed his mind. Then he decided to share it. "Y'know, if you've got nothing to say about you, or where you're from and everything, it kind of comes off as suspicious." he told Jack, in a sort of conversational manner. "For a second there I was thinking about you being a scientist plant. Just one with a shitty backstory or something so you don't know the details to give. And that's paranoid, of course, but I think we're all paranoid. All of us who've been fucked with more than enough. We're looking for it to happen again, since obviously it is happening. So...might want to keep that in mind, Jack." he said.

Then he shrugged. "Yeah, that was the one with the rooms. The private rooms, none of us had outside contact."

 - .

Blinking in surprise, Jack frowned as Shane started to tell him off. It was his past, and if he didn't want to talk about it then he didn't have to, right? The urge to get out of there smacked him in the chest hard, but there was nowhere he could go. It was a blizzard outside. The anger that had been building since the day before flared a little and he glowered at him, swallowing thickly before speaking.

"I don't have to tell you a god damn thing. What does it matter, anyway? What I did before coming here? I was here to -help-." He was starting to feel a little sick. He didn't like this side of himself. He'd never liked it. And now he felt like an ass. His ears went bright red and he ducked his head, reaching a hand up and tugging at the back of his hair in frustration.

"This is all kinds of messed up."

 - .

Shane arched an eyebrow at Jack's reaction. He hadn't been being confrontational or anything, he'd even been careful to keep his tone conversational, non-pointed. But there was a temper-flare there, and an obvious one. Fabulous. Just what the house needed. Anger management issues.

"that was kind of my point, Jack." Shane said. "This situation, everything, is all kinds of messed up. It's fucked is what it is. And you signed up to be in on it. So don't piss and moan when you have to deal with people with issues. We've all been traumatized, and in major ways. We were told that we were rescued, that it was all over, and it isn't. So, I'm telling you, as just some friendly advice, that blowing off questions makes you seem suspicious. Because it does. Especially to a bunch of people who are just waiting for the next curve ball. It's logic. It's not fair, sure, but that's the way it is. I was just trying to tell you so you weren't constantly handing out excuses for people to not trust you and build up a nice overbown mob mentality on your ass."

He finished off his bagel. "And just as a side note? No you don't have to tell me a goddamn thing, but you are in my fucking house, with a bunch of other people, why don't you try playing nice with the other kids, huh, asshole?" he said, before starting to head out of the kitchen. "Being we're stuck here and everything, Mr. 'I'm here to help'."

 - .

"Yeah, I signed on. And yes, I knew I'd be dealing with people with issues. What I wasn't expecting was to be taken out of my bed in the middle of the night and be put somewhere I don't know and that I didn't go voluntarily. This is all new to me."

He really, really needed to get a better hold of himself.. Sighing, he watched as Shane crossed the room, reaching over to pick up the rest of his bagel. He was still hungry, after all.

He unclenched his fist slowly, starting to get himself back under proper control, swallowing again and rubbing at the bridge of his nose. He'd never been good at talking about emotions. Or actually admitting that he had any. Anything that ventured into the realm of forming connections and he maybe flipped just a little.

"Sorry for snapping. I'm not dealing with this well."

 - .

Shane looked back over his shoulder at Jack. "Appreciated. I get you didn't sign up to be fucked with, but you having shit done to you isn't my fault. It's not anyone else's fault who's here either. So don't take it out on me or them. And it's fine. Just--we're in this shit together whether we want to be or not. So get ahold of yourself. If you came here to help, then help. Don't just become a part of the problem on a different scale. It's bullshit, most of us have enough to deal with already." he said, though his tone was back to even again. He paused, debating for a moment, before continuing on. "For the record--this is minor. Be glad they didn't do anything worse than just randomly move you in the middle of the night. As far as being fucked with goes...this is nothing." he told Jack honestly. Perspective was everything, after all.

 - .

Wow. Way to make him feel like an asshole for reacting. Sighing, Jack ran a hand through his hair again, leaning back against the counter. "Point taken and served."

Jack honestly still felt that he didn't have to share anything with regards to his past. It was -his- past and his reasons for being there shouldn't matter. Although how he COULD help in this situation left him at kind of a loss. He'd never really been any good at leading and he didn't take direction well, so he wasn't much of a follower either.

"So what can we do about it then?"

Redirecting the rage was a good idea. If he ever met the person who was in charge, or people, as it were, he'd probably smack them one.

 - .

Shane shrugged. "Currently? I don't think there's a whole lot to do. It's blizzarding out, and we're all just kind of hanging in this house together. So...not much to do but wait things out. As for doing something about the big picture? That I have even less hope for. We're at the mercy of the whirlwind, unfortunately. About all that can really be done is damage control, in my estimation."

 - .

Nodding, Jack frowned around his bagel, looking back over at the window. It really was white out. He hadn't see anything like this in a while.

"I should head up to the attic at some point and check the roof. No sense in having damp creep in." They may be stuck there but he was sure that with the right materials he could turn the place into a fortress. Shrugging, he swallowed his mouthful. "Jillian. Is that her name? Is she your girlfriend?" He asked, just wanting to know, not actually looking to cause trouble. It'd be good to know the relationships people had in the house.

 - .

"There's the fireplace too. So far it's worked, I was going to set up a fire soon." Shane said. "If you want to check the attic, go for it. I wouldn't know the first thing in that area." Because a handy man, Shane was not. "Jillian, that's right. And...yeah, I suppose. We didn't necessarily put a name to it yet, but I consider myself with her."

 - .

"Do we have anything vaugely resembling firewood?" He asked, smiling slightly. He was a little more comfortable now they were off anything that could lead to asking about his past again. Or at least, he thought so.

"I don't know what I'd be able to do about it if there is damp other than try to leech some of it out, but I doubt it'd be too big a problem unless it's been going on for months." Shrugging, he finished off the rest of his bagel, pushing himself up from the counter to stretch. His back popped a little painfully and he made a face before settling back again.

"Right. Just wondering, 'sall.She seems like a nice girl." For all the checking him into a wall thing.

 - .

"Only the pile by the fireplace. I got more after the power went out the first time? But we don't have a ton or anything." Shane answered. "She's a nice girl." he confirmed. There was that light undertone of a protective thing beneath the words, but Shane was trying to keep that in check. He just couldn't help it. They'd both been through the same experiment, and so there was just that knee-jerk underlying reaction. He didn't actually think Jack would try anything. But still. And, catching the fact that he had that tone in there, Shane gave a bit of an apologetic sort of look to Jack. "....sorry. I'm just...protective, I guess."

 - .

Nodding as Shane spoke, Jack scratched the back of his head again. Nervous habit he really needed to get out of. But where there was firewood there could be more and the heat had gone out in his apartment one year so he was pretty used to rugging up anyway.

"Sure. Hopefully we can go out and get some more soon."

The tone in Shane's voice was painfully familiar. At least he knew what line of questioning would be likely to get his head bitten off on. Smiling and nodding, Jack tried not to look like he was amused.

"Understandable. She -is- your girlfriend, so." He said with a smile. "It's good that you are, really. With things the way they are now."

 - .

Shane shook his head slightly. "That's not really..." he started, shrugging. "It's not that she's my girlfriend, it's more..." he wondered if he even should bother trying to explain himself. Normally he wouldn't. Normally he'd just leave it all as an unapologetic mystery. But he wasn't normal anymore. He wasn't himself and hadn't been for a long time. "I don't know. Nevermind." he said. "I'm going to yourself to whatever's around the house or whatnot. Most of it isn't mine anyways."

 - .

Nodding, Jack shrugged, a little confused. He wasn't sure what Shane was getting at, but hey, whatever. If they were happy doing their own thing they were happy. Waving a hand at him he smiled, stretching and relaxing a little now they got the mostly awkward part out of the way.

"Right. Just remember if you hear any banging around in the roof, it's me." He added in parting.