house of shane

who: everyone at shane's house(jillian, jack & penny)
where: shane's house
when: morning

Shane, being that he lived there, was unaware anything was weird. Well...maybe that Jillian wasn't in bed with him, but she could have gotten up earlier than he had. Getting up and going to the bathroom that adjoined his room, he showered, then changed, heading downstairs to drop onto the sofa in the living room, turning video games on. Nothing like starting the day killing zombies. Or, that was his theory and he was sticking the fuck to it. It was that or really think about things, which he'd been steadfastly avoiding doing. Like the scratch on his cheek from that crazy girl. Or the fact that he'd pulled the trigger of his gun.

Sure, it hadn't gone off, but that was hardly the point, was it? The fact was it should have. Which meant he had the balls to pull the trigger on someone--something he had not known before? And really rather wished he didn't now, either. Thus--massive avoidance. And video games. Very much video games.

 - .

The thing that worried Jack when he finally woke up was that...well. He was facing a wall. It wasn't a wall he was familiar with. In fact, it was a completely different wall to the one he was used to looking at. Bewildered, he sat up, wrinkling his nose and rubbing at his face. He was dressed in what he'd gone to bed in, as far as he could tell. His tools were stacked against the wall to his right, the everything from his bedroom ranged around him in varying degrees of familiarity.

Something was wrong. Throwing the covers off he hissed at the cold, looking around for a pair of sneakers or socks or SOMETHING, rather annoyed when he couldn't find them. They were probably somewhere, but he didn't want to take the time to look. He reached for the first thing he could use as a weapon he saw, grabbing one of his paring knives from his toolbelt and heading over to open the door.

Well, there wasn't any screaming. Or flailing. That was a start. He had, however,no idea what the hell was going on. Swallowing, he looked over at the chest of drawers in his room, eyeing it for a moment before going to see if he could get a shirt out of it. If he was going to be wandering around with a knife, he could do so when he -wasn't- half dressed. Besides, he was cold. That accomplished, he adjusted his hold on the knife, holding it so the blade was up against his arm, opening the door and venturing out.

There were a lot of closed doors and some stairs. He was on the second floor of a house SOMEWHERE, and he fully intended to find out where. Hearing something from downstairs he made his way over to the staircase, heart hammering in his chest. He didn't want to go down there, but he had a knife, was supposed to be the big, brave man about things and really, really wanted to know what was going on. So he made his way down them slowly, cautious if nothing else.


 - .

Shane heard a very unfamiliar voice, and dropped the controller, immediately scrambling up and over the back of the couch to put it between himself and the direction the voice came from. "Who the fuck is that?!" he called. And, two seconds after that, he thought of Jillian. Jillian, who was probably still upstairs asleep, but maybe she hadn't been in bed with him because whoever belonged to that voice had gutted her in her sleep and he just hadn't known. God, what a horrifying mental image. "If you hurt her, I swear..."

 - .

"Wait, what? I haven't hurt -anyone-." Wrinkling his nose at the thought, Jack relaxed just a little. This guy sounded just about as scared as he was, and while it shouldn't have been gratifying, it was. Scratching the back of his head with his free hand he kept the knife partially hidden up his sleeve, still not sure if he was going to try to attack him or not. He headed towards the sound of his voice, trying to keep a clear head.

"I'm Jack. Sorry, I just-. Woke up here. Who the hell are you?"

 - .

"Shane, and I live here--this is my fucking house." he snapped, not especially friendly after being shocked all to hell. That and he still didn't quite know what to do or if Jillian was okay, and more or less he was just all kinds of out of sorts. That didn't work so well for him, really. "You just woke up here." he repeated, that sinking in. "Just...randomly?"

 - .

Waking up in one of the guest rooms in the house she shared with Shane had been kind of odd - what possible reason had he had for moving her, and why hadn't she woken up during the moving part? Jillian shrugged it off and figured she'd just ask him once she was dressed, and set about doing that. Well, and there was breakfast, too, she wanted that. Heading into Shane's room to throw on a t-shirt and jeans, she noticed he was gone. Probably already downstairs.

Heading downstairs, Jillian frowned slightly at the sound of an unfamiliar voice. Weird - neither of them were exactly the type to invite friends back to their little safe haven, if their acquaintances in town could even count as being friends. "Hey," she called ahead as she spotted the men. "I didn't know you were going to invite an-- holy shit, Shane, he's got a knife!" She'd caught only a faint glint of it, partially hidden up his sleeve - which is how she guessed he wasn't exactly planning on slicing some cheese with it.

She wasn't thinking rationally, only about not wanting Shane to get stabbed, which is why instead of running for a baseball bat or her gun upstairs, she instead dove forward and went for a tackle, trying to grab the hand with the knife.

 - .

"Yeah, actually. I promise I didn't break in." He said with a smile, relaxing his hold on the knife. Which was most likely a mistake because there was a shout and then his head hit the wall.

To say Jack was a little overwhelmed was an understatement. He'd woken up in a strange house, with strange damn people in it and now this chick'd tackled him straight over. He fell into the wall with a heavy, hard thump, dropping the knife and raising his other arm to protect himself, instinctively trying -not- to hurt her. It might've just been because she was a girl, and he had to admit that was chauvinistic of him but the idea of actually hitting a girl made him feel so sick he was sure his stomach was trying to crawl out his nose.

"Ack! Hang on, hang on! I can explain!" Talking INTO the wall probably wasn't helping much, but if he tried to shove her off he might actually end up breaking her arm or something and that wouldn't be cool. He was trying to convince them that he -wasn't- there to hurt them.

 - .

A loud thump woke Penny. She started awake, confused and groggy, and nearly fell out of bed. Blinking bleary eyes, she was confronted by the fact that... this was not her bedroom. This wasn't her quiet, safe little house with the clean floors and soft couch to curl up on. This wasn't even her bed.

Penny practically clawed her way out from beneath the blankets, standing on the chilly floor in bare feet and cotton pajamas. "No, no, no..." she whimpered, hugging herself. God only knew what kind of place this was. She had to get home. Home was safe.

With a furtive glance around the room, Penny lifted the shade off of the bedside table lamp and unscrewed the bulb. Leaving both of them on the bed, she hefted the lamp in one hand. Not great, but better than nothing. No scientist would catch /her/ unarmed and defenseless. After wrapping the cord around her wrist she slunk through the bedroom door, towards the direction the thump and muffled shouting had come from.

 - .

Shane vaulted over the back of the couch again, and headed towards the sounds--he'd heard Jillian and everything and he saw one hell of a weird sight. "...This is just..." well. 'Fucked Up' seemed a good choice of words. He opened his mouth to say more, but then saw some blonde chick at the top of the stairs, with...erm. He didn't know, that was just a strange mental image. He lifted one and. "...hi." he greeted. "Okay, just so we're clear here, this is my house, how did everyone--besides Jillian--get here, and is anyone actually out to hurt anyone? Or is this just everyone being incredibly fucking paranoid?"

 - .

Jillian was only slightly mollified when the guy made no move to fight back - she was mostly surprised that she'd actually managed to get the drop on him. He was bigger, and while she'd been in her fair share of fights, those were the barfight variety where you just threw punches and whatever happened, happened. After a second, she let him go, but paused to scoop up the knife and moved to Shane's side, knuckles white around the handle. That's when she saw the blonde with the... lamp base cudgel? "How many people are in here?" she added, looking utterly confused. "You've only got four bedrooms, right?"

 - .

"Incredibly paranoid, actually." Jack said, rubbing at his head. He was happy for the girl to take the knife from him, as long as she didn't try to use it to slit his throat. Usually he would've been paying more attention to his surroundings and she wouldn't have gotten the drop on him like that, but as disoriented as he was, he'd been focused on getting the guy he'd been talking to, to refrain from throwing something at his head. Wrinkling his nose he pushed himself away from the wall, not able to see the other girljust yet, the angle a bit wrong. "Just what the hell is going on?"

 - .

"I have no idea, I just got up and started my day. You woke up here? And...I'm assuming Chick up there did too...what room were you in, Jillian?" he asked, looking back to her. Reaching out, he touched her lower back lightly, a comforting sort of gesture, or at least, it was meant to be.

"And who is everyone?" he asked. "Names?"

 - ..

"Um. My name's Penny. Not Chick. I run- well, ran the flower shop before everything went to hell," was all Penny could really think of to say. Standing in the doorway, confused expression on her face and her makeshift cudgel tied to one hand, she shifted her feet nervously and ducked her head. "I don't know why I'm here... I just woke up in the bed, and, and all my stuff's here. I think... we were moved in our sleep." Well duh.

Her poor flowers... she'd been sick, then too afraid to venture out of her house to check on the store. A good number of them were probably dying. A flush of shame pinkened her cheeks; she studied the far wall carefully to avoid making eye contact.

 - .

"The one right across from yours," Jillian told Shane, relaxing only slightly and moving closer to him. "See, the reason we're weirded out is because we've been living here," she told the two strangers. "We weren't moved - well, I was moved across the hall, but this is Shane's house and I've been staying here. So waking up in a normal place with two people we don't know is kind of freaky."

 - .

"I can imagine it would be." Jack said, scratching the back of his head and cracking his neck. He looked over at Shane, answering his previous question, making sure to stay out of the way of Jillian and the knife.

"I'm Jack. Sorry about the whole knife thing. I'm not used to waking up somewhere I didn't fall asleep to begin with." And that was an understatement. He knew he'd reacted badly in regards to the people he'd apparently ended up with, but his first thought had been self defence, so. "Has this...happened to any of you before?"

 - .

Shane shook his head. "No...not to me." he said. "But I guess I'm not that surprised, considering. Can't say that I have suggestions on what to do about it, but..." he shrugged. "And it's alright, I guess. knives as a first resort next time." he suggested to Jack. He also absently rubbed at his cheek and the scratches there from the crazy chick with the knife. Yeah, knives didn't work out so well for Shane. "Do people want something to eat or...whatever?" he wasn't cooking or anything, but they could raid the kitchen, propbably.

 - ...

"Me neither. I'm really sorry about this," Penny apologized. Even if it wasn't her fault, it was still a little embarrassing - not to mention disturbing. What if this happened again? And again, and again...? There would be NO 'safe place'. Unwrapping the cord from her wrist, she set the lamp down next to the doorway and followed the group out into the living room. "...Some tea or water would be really nice, if it's not too much trouble."