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Dale cracked her knuckles. If there was a way to just copy the message over and over, she'd do that, but she figured she could write out something that was the same for everyone if she wrote it down on paper first. So she hunted around until she found the pad of paper that was by the phone in the cabin (not that the phone worked) and a pen that was in a drawer somewhere. What she'd really would've liked was a whiteboard so she could keep track of names and numbers, of course.

Right. This is Dale!

Looking for the numbers for
"Fruity Gwyn Dread" (that's me!)

"Bonebasher the Slightly Off"
"Slashing Jean Dawkins"

I have the numbers for
"Skullcracker the Jawless" (no. 5204)
"Stop-Picking-At-It The Wise" (no. 4175)
and someone named Adele or has Adele in their pirate name has their code available to me through my mighty fine contacts.


 - .

Cheyenne got over to the computer and was starting to really hate all of this.

Hey, Cheyenne here. I'm talking to someone who's "Happy Days" but I don't remember the other stuff. I'm like Captain Bea Bloodsmear or something, and I have like carolyn bellamy? And the number for that person is 5837. Crap hold on there were other numbers too, that Everett had. Hold up.

okay Everett had the number for hilary leadsword or something? I remembered the Hilary part right, that was for sure. And the number was 8671. (I went and checked to be sure) He's "Brains MoFo" or something, I'm so not trying to remember the 'arrgh's on that one.