PM to Cheyenne, Eris, and Glitch

So I already told Camber I'm not fucking playing pirate for these assholes. If they want me to piss in a corner, I'll end up doing it. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, though. The name and number I was told to look for on my terminal were as follows: Cap'n Hillary Leadsword, 8671. If any of you find someone who got saddled with that goofy shit, congrats. You or they can now take a shower. That's what I figure at least; they're making us swap information along these fucking terminals just to get the basic facilities opened up. If I'm right and you find anyone looking for "Aaaeiaaagh "Brains MoFo" the Sloppy", that's me. I hate that that's me.

- Everett (the Sloppy)

 - ..

No clue on that one, Cap'n. I'm apparently Pirate Corliss the Dagger, an infinitely better name than yours, and Fat-Ass Carmen Barbossa's number's in my treasure chest. But I'll keep a lookout for whoever you got.

 - .

Morning, Everett. I'm not happy either. I'm also Cap'n Beatrice Bloodsmear, so if you hear anyone with that number, let me know? And if you tell me who else you're talking to, and who they are, and what names and numbers they have gotten, I'll pass them along too. 'course, if no one else does that it's a moot point, but still. Maybe it'll encourage people to get things moving. I dunno. I have the name and number of Fruitless Carolyn Bellamy 5837

and I guess there's this too-- Cap'n Hillary Leadsword 8671

and someone I'm talking to is some inarticulate grring and the bit "Happy Days" so if you find someone who's got that, let me know so I can tell the weirdo.