PM to Glitch, Posy and Cheyenne

Apparently we are likely to have the same message on our computer. And the kitchen and bathrooms are locked. I have the following message:

Good morning Grah "Happy Days" Mmnah. We hope you are well, and you have Cap'n Hillary Leadsword 8671 - do with it what you will.

(I don't know if I copied that correctly).

Salem also has a 'cryptic message' which I assume is akin to mine.

 - .

I'm apparently Cap'n Beatrice Bloodsmear whatever that means? And I had Fruitless Carolyn Bellamy 5837.

 - ..

Howdy Grah! Looks like I'm Pirate Corless the Dagger or something like that. Addison has someone else's, but not yours, I don't think. Lemme go check.

Nope, sorry.

I think this is the most talkative I've seen you yet.