Dreaming of a white... October?

Who: Jillian, open to Shane and Jack
When: 8 am
Where 2 Short Street

Normally, Christmas music wouldn't be something that would make Jillian wake up screaming. After her time in the experiment, however, sudden loud noises jolting her out of sleep were an entirely different story, and it took her a few confused seconds to realize it was music instead of a siren going off every hour on the hour. She dropped back into bed, fighting to calm down and keep her heart from bursting out of her chest. After a second, she got up to see if there was some way to turn off the music, because eight o'clock in the morning was much too early to be awake. It was about that time that she noticed the brightly wrapped boxes in her room, one of them with... holes in it? Unwrapping the box nearest the door, Jillian found a bunch of dog toys and care items. That was random... until she opened the second box, containing the most adorable puppy she'd ever seen in her life. Picking up the furry little thing and giving it a good cuddle, she opened her bedroom door and stepped into the hallway, wondering if anyone else was up.

 - .

Waking up to christmas carols wasn't a regular thing for Jack. In fact, this was the first time it'd ever happened. And as such, he was more than mildly annoyed. Grumbling to himself as he rolled out of bed, he didn't hit the floor he was accustomed to. For the last couple of days he'd been rolling directly into the wall, and didn't seem to learn his lesson. He managed to get himself up and dressed groggily, running a hand through his hair and foregoing a shave in favour of getting some warm clothes on, coming up short at the box.

Huh. He was kind of dubious, eyeing it for a moment before going to get one of his knives to get it open. If it had a snake or a pissed off animal inside it, he'd be ready at least. Although upon -getting- the box open, he was brought up short.

That was one big-assed photo album. He tugged it out of the box, settling back on his butt and plonking it in his lap, opening it quietly. And was promptly stunned, because holy shit that was a picture of his little sister. One of his little sisters at any rate and he was pretty sure he'd stopped breathing. It didn't occur to him that they'd had to go through his stuff to get this, or that the most recent photos were things he hadn't seen, because he was flipping through them like he'd been starved or something. After a few minutes he made himself stop, putting the photo album on the bed and forcing himself to get up.

He tucked the album into his bed (because at least he'd know where it was) before he left the room, still a little shell shocked and stumbling a little as he opened the door, heading out into the hallway, waving almost absently at Jillian when he spotted her before he realised that yeah, she had a dog. Cute little thing, too.

"Hi. I see you made a new friend." He said, by way of greeting.

 - .

Shane wandered out into the hallway a little bit late, looking like hell. Like he hadn't been sleeping well--because he hadn't been. He noted Jack, and nodded in greeting, then went to see what he was talking about, and peeked around to see Jillian. He paused for a few long moments. "...t'fuck?" he mumbled, reaching up to rake his fingers through his hair. Yeah, blaring christmas music or no--he was not awake yet.

 - .

"Pretty much," Jillian said to Shane. "I found him in a box in my room all wrapped up like a present," she explained to both boys, cuddling the puppy who'd just decided to very enthusiastically lick her chin. "With another box of toys and care stuff. Did either of you get anything?" She padded over to Shane for a hug, holding the puppy within easy reach for petting if he wanted. "Puppygram."

 - I feel like I'm barging in even though Lils is part of the house now...

Music, if one could call it that, is what awoke Lilith in a small bed. It was screeching in her ears and she wanted to pierce the ear drums so she wouldn't have to listen to the cheerful, droning... Christmas music? Oh great Lucifer. Why must she be punished after having been such a good little soldier?

Carefully, she got out of bed, a headache forming quite viciously in her mind, already throbbing. She could tell by the floor that this was not the room she had begun in last night. And so the game was afoot again. Immediately, she assumed the rescue had been staged and that this was another stage to the experiments of old. Oh what clever creatures these scientists were.

Slowly but surely, she felt her way around her new room. The direction she took carried her away from the small but terribly ornate trunk at the foot of her bed and all the way opposite until she reached what appeared to be a standing closet of sorts. Alright. Good to know. She pressed on and found the door. So the room was terribly small. When she reached the door, she could hear voices in the hallway.

Lilith breathed in deeply and very quietly exhaled a heavy sigh then opened the door a crack just enough so they could see her shoulder and some of her long white hair but not much else, "Excuse me, thank you, but could whoever is playing that dreadful music shut it off? I am blind, pardon, and it makes my ears want to bleed." If these people were trouble, she could shut her door very quickly on them. She prayed to the Dark One they were not trouble.

 - .

Sometimes, Jack felt slightly fond of Jillian and Shane, like now. They -were- rediculously cute. Although this new voice was slightly disturbing. Turning around in surprise, Jack tried not to jump. As far as he'd been aware, it was Penny who was also in the house and he did not know this new girl at ALL. He gaped for a moment, because dealing with surprises was not one of his strong points, before clearing his throat.

"I'm not sure we can actually turn it off yet, miss."

 - .

Shane actually had to smile a touch when Jillian came over to hug him and he did reach out automatically to scritch the puppy behind the ears. "That's...ridiculously cute..." he said, then trailed off and looked over at the new voice. Because...last he'd checked Penny had been in there. And that? Was not Penny. "...er...." he started. "Who the hell are you?" he asked, not sounding belligerent, just confused as hell. "When did you get here? Were you here yesterday, and I just didn't notice?" That was entirely possible, after all, with his mood lately. He had one arm around Jillian's lower back, and pulled her slightly closer, just out of pure paranoia.

 - .

"We'll have to figure out what to name him," Jillian added, then tensed in surprise at the sound of the new voice. "What the hell?" she said, completely bewildered. "Where's Penny?" Hadn't she been here yesterday? Jillian could've sworn that was her room. Shane didn't need to pull too hard to get her closer; she was already stepping in towards him, one arm around his waist and the other cradling the puppy protectively against her chest. "And we don't know how to turn off the music, it just started on its own. No one's playing it purposefully." Obviously. Since it was Christmas tunes and this was October. At least, she hoped it was October still.

 - .

Lilith tapped her fingers on her door in a very particular pattern. So they had not been informed that they had a new roommate. And apparently someone had disappeared. Likely they were dead. Ah well. Another one for the incinerator. She did not to smile at her thoughts and kept her face in perfectly schooled blankness. "I don't know this Penny, excuse me. My name is Lilith. I am new to this second half, pardon me, as I am assuming we are continuing in the experiment and not actually in a recovery home as they told me I would, I'm sorry, be placed."

Two males and a female. A fine predicament really as long as they were not annoying fools. "I would request assistance please," and she opened the door fully but stayed behind it so she was mostly invisible. "I need help finding my guiding cane and blindfold," she sounded humble, sweet even.

 - .

The whole hovering in the doorway thing was disturbing him a little. He'd never had an active imagination but it kind of went into overdrive when faced with an admittedly polite girl, a dark room and the possibility of a knife in the side. Swallowing, he looked over at Shane and Jillian, feeling a bit like a coward. It wasn't as if he expected either of them to go in and find whatever it was she was asking for.

"Are they usually together?" he asked, gathering what little courage he had (coward) before stepping foward, going to see if he can help.

 - .

Shane was glad when Jack stepped up. He'd been going to, but hadn't especially wanted to. Though, he guessed they could both go, just in case. God. The paranoia was just...crippling, wasn't it? And she was being very very polite. So, maybe she was fine, and he was being a dick. "Need help finding anything else? From what I gather, things are sort of left where you might have left them. And are you going to need anything else? Like..." he paused. "We're on the second floor." he told her, since there wasn't any real way of her knowing that without finding the stairs the hard way. "And there's a bathroom up here, do you need to know the layout of the house, or want people to mark doors or something?" he asked, trying to be accommodating.

 - .

"We could just keep our bedroom doors closed, too," Jillian suggested, "and leave all the common-area doors open." She had no idea what kinds of adjustments blind people needed to make, though she did make a mental note to keep her bass and amp in the living room tucked away when she wasn't using it. She wouldn't want the new chick to trip over the amp. Or the bass. Or the cords. She glanced at Shane, but kept the majority of her attention on Jack in case he needed help. There was something... a little off about this girl, and she wasn't sure if it was paranoia or the kind of weird way she was speaking. "I'm Jillian, by the way," she added.

 - .

Lilith smiled behind her door, almost glad that it was hidden from her new housemates. They probably wouldn't have liked the way it curled at the corners into a sort of evilness every single time. Still, it couldn't be helped. That's just how she smiled. "Yes, thank you, I generally keep them together..." Fighting away the smile, she decided it was time to stop being mysterious. They needed to see...

They were asking her opinion so she answered first, "Mark your doors with a raised shape, please. Like a heart or a star or some such. That way, pardon, I will be able to tell what door belongs to who if I need one of you. The bathroom as well." She turned her head in the direction of the music source (or so she hoped), "Once the music stops, it will be, I'm sorry, easier for me to get around." At that, she stepped out from behind her door, keeping her head held up so they could see her face framed in that terribly long white hair.