Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Who: Owen and Open!
Where: 1 maple street
When:Eight in the morning

Owen woke up to headache inducing music, his bird flipping out and a guitar, standing innocuously at the end of his bed and scaring the pants off of him. Well, it would have if he was WEARING any pants, but that was beside the point. Grumbling, he rubbed at his forehead, shivering with the cold and reaching down for the jeans he’d discarded the night before. He’d gotten into the habit of having a shower before bed but all that achieved was his hair sticking up when he got up in the morning. He tugged the (cold!!) Jeans on and pushed himself up so he could reach his gloves, glowering balefully at the roof, not really registering the fact that yeah, things had been moved around again.

He noticed, however, when his bird tried to burrow her way directly into his chest cavity. He slid his hands around her body to pull her back, rather glad for the gloves so he didn’t catch any important feathers. Lifting her to his shoulder he let her huddle under his jaw, frowning.

“What the hell is your problem?” He asked, voice still thick with sleep. The Christmas carol was getting incredibly annoying, especially because it was what, October? Two months early.

The guitar was drawing his attention again. Wandering over towards it (after getting his socks on) he frowned again, reaching a hand out and touching the neck gently.

Okay, so he wasn’t hallucinating. It was a rather nice guitar, truth be told. Okay, so it was –fantastic-, with its light wood and its stand and the jar of picks and the noise it made when he slid his fingers along the strings. Already tuned and ready to be played but he was kind of terrified of doing so. Even the stand was made of wood. He would’ve been worried about it warping if he wasn’t so sure the wood had been treated properly. Clarkson leaned down to inspect it as he crouched in front of the instrument, tugging a glove off so he could feel it under his fingers. The scar tissue on his hands caught at the strings and he forced himself not to wince, because –really-. It was his own stupid fault.

And the headache was getting worse. Abandoning the guitar for a moment he tugged his glove back on, reaching a hand up to steady Clarkson and getting nipped for his efforts as he went over to his dresser to get his bottle of painkillers. He took two without thinking about it, rattling the bottle to see how many he had left. He’d need to see about getting some more next week or something.

He left the guitar right the hell where it was as he tugged on a jacket and went to head downstairs. There was only so far he was willing to go with creepy musical instruments that appeared out of absolutely nowhere. His stomach, however, was calling to a box of cereal down in the kitchen with a sugar content of approximately six small children, so that was where he was going.

 - ..

Joy was crabby. Well, she was usually crabby when she woke up, but this was a special kind of hate she had for this morning. Being woken up at 8 in the morning by fucking Christmas carols was not making her particularly joyful. "Jesus Tittyfucking Christ on a Stick!" she shouted, burying her face in her pillow with a scream. "Who's the motherfucker who thought it would be a great fucking idea to wake us up with god damn Christmas music?" She tried to drown it out by pulling her blanket up over her head, to no avail.

Giving up on that, she tossed the blankets off and hopped out of the bed, intending to smash something. Probably that damned computer. "All right, you god damned pieces of..." she stopped and turned back to the giant, well, giant bar that had appeared in her room. "Oh my dear fuck." She walked slowly as if in a trance towards the magical apparition before her. It wasn't just a bar, it was nearly a god damned liqour store. She ran her fingers over the bottles, reading each label as she did, her glee becoming positively childlike as she realized that this may have been the greatest Christmas ever.

Carefully, she made her choice, taking a particularly lovely looking bottle of Cuervo Gold from the shelf. She hugged it close to her, like a child's teddy bear, before opening it up and beginning to gulp. After the cooking sherry, it was like ambrosia to her. Practically skipping out the door towards the kitchen, she shouted to whoever could hear. "Merry fucking Christmas, douchebags!"

 - .

It was at that point that Owen became convinced that everyone in the house was a -NINJA-. Jumping and fighting back a yelp he nearly dropped the milk, his hands tightening on the handle being the only thing that saved it from an upsetting, mostly gluggy death. As it was he ended up with too much milk in his cereal.

And it really wasn't even christmas yet. Although, judging by the bottle held in Joy's hands she must've thought it was, and he forced himself not to cringe. Wandering back over to the fridge he waved at her half heartedly through the door, determined not to let the fact that she scared the crap out of him stop him from saying hello.

"Uh, good morning?"

 - ..

"Mornin', Twitch," she said, positively giddy at finding so much liquefied happy in her room. "Sorry I scared ya, but you should see what showed up in my room this morning." She held up the bottle, which she'd already made a good dent in and was getting quite the buzz off of. "Screw breakfast, I'm good here." She sat at the table, leaning back and propping her sock-clad feet up. "You get any Christmas presents, or was I the only one who was extra nice this year?"

 - .

Swallowing, he tried to ignore the fact that the decorations were just adding to his headache, not taking away from it. Shrugging, he kept his head tilted a little to the side to make room for Clarkson, who had calmed down some, taking his mostly milk bowl over towards the table so he could sit down to eat it. "I uh, got a guitar, actually. Nice one, too." He said, shifting in his chair and forcing himself not to wriggle when Clarkson, in her infinite wisdom, decided that his hood was a better place to hide. Stretching a little and cracking his back, he leaned forward in his chair, so not to crush her.

"There's enough food in the fridge to feet about ten people, though. A roast and everything."

 - .

Joy watched Owen as he went through his contortions. Maybe he had a bad back or something, or was one of those spazzy types like that one chick from the old house. "Well, Merry Christmas, kiddo. And maybe if everyone's really good, Momma will make Christmas dinner for everyone." She got up and wandered back to her room. If there was food for Chistmas, there was probably egg nog, and for that she'd need spiced rum. She'd gotten back to her room when she noticed the message on the computer. Reading it, she shouted back towards the kitchen. "Hey, Twitch! You know where the town hall is?"

 - .

Jesse wandered onto the scene late. He had a book under one arm, and didn't look like he was doing spectacularly well. In fact, one could even make the leap to deciding he looked like hell. He'd not actually gotten dressed so much as rolled out of bed, and found the pictures of his daughter. So he was in pj pants, and that was it. His hair was still sleep-messy, and he looked vaguely surprised that there were people around. Even after the fucking christmas music. Even after being here for a day and knowing he wasn't alone in the house. He...wasn't necessarily quick on the uptake today.

 - .

It felt strangely normal to be shouting around this house. Maybe it was a reminder of his brother or something. The kid shouted everything out. But he found himself grinning as he replied to her, swallowing a mouthful of cereal first.

"Yeah, I know where it is!" he called back, getting another mouthful of cereal into his mouth before looking up at Jesse, frowning softly. He looked, to put it plainly, like shit. And of course, he had his usual tact with stating the fact.

"Y'know, Joy has booze. She might share if you ask nicely." he said, by way of greeting. He felt promptly stupid afterwards, going a little red around the ears, but he honestly did look like he could use a drink.

 - ..

No, Joy wouldn't, not with him after the way he'd blown her off last night. She'd seen him wander down out of the corner of her eye, and was going to make a conscious decision to pretend he didn't actually exist before she did something she... well, she probably wouldn't regret it. She headed back to the kitchen and focused on Owen. "The Powers That Be left us a little love note on the computers, suggesting we head down to the town hall and see the decorations." She frowned a bit at that. Usually suggestions from the Scientists didn't turn out well for someone. Maybe someone else had gotten put in stocks with a Santa hat on and HO HO HO written on them in bright red letters.

 - .

Jesse nodded to Owen's statement to him, though he was kind of wondering how to behave around Joy now, with her crazy and the come on, and...yeah. Shit. And he still was dealing with the pictures of his daughter and all. He wound up taking a seat in the kitchen, and just...taking a breather for a second. "What's going on?" he asked eventually.

 - .

Shrugging, Owen smiled at them both, because they were acting relatively normal today. Wrinkling his nose as his cereal got a little too soggy, he waved his spoon, munching and swallowing before continuing on, addressing Jesse first.

"Apparently it's christmas. I think. The decorations are kinda weird though, cause it's October." Being oblivious to the fact that Jesse and Joy weren't getting along probably didn't help him much. Looking over at Joy he shrugged, going to shovel more cereal into his mouth.

"I can take you over to the hall if you want. I mean, uhm. I'm not sure what they're planning, but yeah."

 - ..

"Sounds like a plan," Joy said, curious to see not only what the scientists had done, exactly, but also to see who else was here in the town with them. Hopefully Janie would be there. She really wanted to see her dear sister again. "Now, finish your cereal like a good boy, I'll go get dressed and stocked up, and we'll have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny Fucking Kane!" She skipped back out the door, only giving Jesse the slightest look as she passed him.

 - .

It was too early for this bullshit. Jesse sighed, and looked at Owen, glancing back to make sure Joy was gone before he spoke. "If it's all the same to you, man, I think I'm going to stay behind." he said, voice lower than usual, quieter. He also leaned slightly closer. "That woman is fucking scary." he added conspiratorily.

 - .

Nodding at Joy, Owen finished munching on his breakfast, letting the spoon plunk back into the milk. He watched her leave before looking over at Jesse, a little worried. The man really did look like hell, after all. Settling in his chair, he tried not to laugh, because well, yeah.

"I -know-. I'm expecting her to go all jame gumb on us or something." He said, smiling a little despite himself. He was glad that someone other than himself found the woman a little...chilling. "Are you gunna be okay here by yourself?"

 - .

Jesse sat there looking gently disturbed at that mental image, then shook himself to get rid of it. "I think so. Though...I think I'll skip going back to bed after that disturbing thought. ...and if I hear Goodbye Horses, I'm the hell out of here. I suggest you head for the hills too in that event." He stood up, and sighed, dragging his fingers through his hair. "Good luck with...whatever's going on." he said before heading out.