we get the point already

Who: residents
When: 8 AM
Where: 3 Oakdale Drive

As usual, Lina had been up three hours earlier, and after finding her present, she had happily headed outside to work on it, ignoring everything else. And there she had stayed until the siren went off. Her first thought was how would Svetlana react to loud noises, and with a sigh, she headed back inside to see how Kaori and Dave were doing. She figured both of them would be up already, enjoying their own crazy Christmas presents. After kicking snow off her boots, she entered the house, looking around to try and figure out the state of things.

 - .

Kaori had just checked on Svetlana--who didn't seem overwhelmingly cool with the idea of company at the moment, so Kaori had left her to it, and come downstairs just enough to sit on the middle of them. When Lina came back inside, she waved, glancing up as the blaring music stopped. "Good morning." she said. She hadn't seen her gifts, considering they were in her living room, and out of her view just now.