September 29 2008

Not so friendly smalltalk

Who: Everett and Indira
Where: right outside the bar
When: right after the meeting

Ev had tried to keep his hopes reasonable throughout the meeting; he knew the score here, after all. But there had been some hope he just couldn't crush. The idea that things could be different this time around died hard inside him, and he was still nursing it in private at the moment. The meeting was over, plenty of people had filed out of the bar, but Ev was still hanging around. Leaning against an outside wall, he flicked a match to life and brought it against his cigar, puffing it to life. He'd take his time here, make sure everyone cleared out, and walk a long circuit around town. Been a long time since I had a beat to walk, he mused silently, exhaling a cloud of dense smoke.

Journal placeholder!

Holdering of the placingness


Who: Kales and Addison
When: About midday
Where: Streets

The Point

Who: Brett and Lina
Where: The garage
When: Early afternoon

Brett had a bad feeling about this as he wheeled himself into the garage in search of Lina. then again, he had a bad feeling about almost everything - especially that which meant that he had to actively seek out the advice of others. He'd much prefer to keep himself to himself, but he'd said that he'd go and even if things had changed somewhat with the news he'd gotten over night, he was still sticking with the plan until he could find that woman and actually talk to her about things. "Hey, anyone here?" he called, making his way forward, leaving the door to the outside open.

It seemed a little pointless to be here for Lina - people were still trying to figure out what was going on, but, fuck it. Volunteers had shown up, so she stayed for work. Not that she actually did a whole hell of a lot of it. She was letting her mind wander in the back room when she heard a call. She got up and walked out into the main room, eyeing the guy in the wheelchair. "Yep. What can I help you with?"

Radio Nowhere Ep. 1

Who: Dale
When: evening
Where: radio station

First Customer!

Who: Dale and Trent
Where: Trent's salon
When: Afternoon

Many meetings

who: Jack and Open
where: The Bar
when: Evening

He hadn't opened the bar for a couple of days. It was strangely surreal, with most of the other businesses in the town closed down. Bethany's bright sign looked particularly lonely, and he wrinkled his nose as he unlocked the door.

(public entry) Ghost Town

I don't really know what to think. I read that some other people think that this is just a continuation of the old experiments.

I really really hope not, but... if it were true, then at least this time I'm outside with the sun. I guess it's stupid to be thankful for such a small thing, but I am. I feel a little stronger, and there are other people around.

Private message to Lina

So I'm sure you heard I was here by now. Hi. Enough smalltalk.

We both know what's coming. I knew when I woke up, so I hit the police station. Looks like someone else was there first, but I requisitioned every firearm and baton in the place. Now maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think people who know me'll be wild about me having every gun in town. So if you're okay with it, I think it'd be better if you had them. If you don't want them, I'll go dig a trench and bury them, no hard feelings. Let me know.

- Everett

Private to Indira

'talked' to someone today; he said that the houses were only boarded up yesterday, as well as people left yesterday, and the power had gone out. i went to the hardware store and got flashlights, batteries, and some wooden broom handles to break for flipping switches - just in case. you want anything?