September 26 2008

PM to Dave

We need to talk.

another layer.

[private entry, handwritten]

It figures that what bothers me the most about this situation is whether or not I tell Jason. I just found out that we've eaten human meat, for fucks sake. And it's not that that doesn't bother me enough. Really. I don't need something else on top of that. And I didn't need that on top of Freddie, and all the shit attached to that situation, or finding out that Everett's here and hey, so is Eris.

Fighting for Normal

Who: Jeremy and Cheryl
What: A small visit
When: Shortly after noon

It was a bit cold out and Jeremy huddled in his coat and quickened his pace as he headed to Cheryl's house. He knocked and as soon as the door opened, held up a bag of goods. "If you have coffee, I have bagels," he told her with a smile. It was another brave attempt at being social and maybe a little normal too.

Om Nom Nom

Who: Lina and Hannah (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN)
When: Evening
Where: Movie theater!

Hannah had returned after grabbing a quick diner dinner to see the later horrorfest showings. She sort of hoped she'd run into Brett again; she would have taken great delight in sitting next to him and bugging him for a description of the scene over and over again.

Then karma came and bit her on the ass for that one. The movie showing was some brand of creepy Japanese horror; she usually loved them, and it helped that she didn't need a subbed version - no need for subtitles she couldn't read, she could understand the film as it was spoken. Problem was, this was one of those where most of the movie is spent in silence, the protagonist conveying horror with clues, weird camera angles, and horrified faces. So Hannah didn't have a huge idea of what was going on.

PM to Kales

Got time for a drink and a talk? I figured I'd head up to the graveyard while everyone else fucks off to that cookout.

Good people get fed

Who: Ben and Jeremy
Where: Main Street
When: Dusk

This Laundry Thing


Who: Brody and Open
When: Morning
Where: Laundromat

After reading a few responses on his journal entry about laundry, Brody was determined to try and clean his clothes without begging, or bribing, someone to do it for him. He had the laundry soap, and the basket of dirty clothes and fabric softener and those little weird sheets you put in the dryer. He assumed they went in the dryer. Inside the laundromat he set his clothes down on the ground and stared. There was something about separating clothes. Whites in hot water. Cold water for everything else? Could he put bleach on his sheets? Or would that make them splotchy? Brody was almost of the mind to just dump everything in one washing machine, but he didn't want his clothes turning different colors, or shrinking or whatever. So he began to separate, shoving the whites in one machine and the colors in the next. And then he held up a white t-shirt that had a colorful design on the front and sleeves. Did that count as color? Or white? Shit. Laundry shouldn't be so difficult. It should be like washing dishes. Run them under water, scrub them and set them aside to dry. Piece of cake, yeah? Or have a universal machine that would do all the separating and work for you. With a sigh, Brody lowered the t-shirt, glancing at his laundry forlornly. He had a feeling he was going to be there for awhile.

Reasons for Leaving Early


Who: Brett and Hannah
Where: Movie Theatre
When: Evening

Brett had seen the ad, notice, whatever thing put up on the journals by some woman saying that she and her husband were having a party and decided very firmly that there was no way in hell he'd be going to that. But, he needed something to do - he couldn't stay in and stare at four walls all day and wheeling his way around town was starting to get dull. Still, he'd done it, just to get out and he'd got as far as the movie theatre and it's announcement about a horror marathon.

Now, horror wasn't really Brett's thing, but it would be dark in there, and he wouldn't have to talk to anyone. It seemed about as good as it was going to get. And so it was that he'd spent most of the day sat at the back, in an alcove that was the best they could do for a guy in a wheelchair. Apparently 'disabled access' wasn't one of the considerations that had come up in the design brief.

It wasn't until late afternoon that Brett started to feel itchy. The cinema was pretty spacious, but still, he could feel it closing in on him. He managed to sit it out until the end of the next film, but then he was out of there, turning and wheeling himself quickly from the theatre, ahead of anyone else, until he was back out on the street, where he sat, taking deep, calming breaths and blinking in the dying light of day.


Work To Be Done

Who: Adam and Rebekah
When: midmorning
Where: the farm

She'd started walking some time shortly after the sun had come up, bundled into her big coat and an old pair of rubber boots she'd found in the closet. They were too big for her and clomped over the pavement, but she hardly noticed. It wasn't even necessarily that cold, but the more Rebekah could cover up, the better she felt. She'd done a circuit of the town, eyes crawling over everything. It seemed that once she'd ventured out into the seemingly sprawling space they'd been given, her house felt too claustrophobic. She eventually followed Park Road North until the landscape began to change. Just two houses on either side and then ... open land. Farther down there looked to be a barn, and Rebekah headed in that direction. She'd seen something about a farm, but didn't realize there'd be animals too.

Adam was still trying to put together a notice to post up on his journal, asking for people to help out with the harvest. He'd been staring at it for days, not happy with it. He'd deleted what he'd written several times to start again. He just wasn't good with words, not written words anyhow. He had to get something up soon though. But not right now, he decided, standing and walking away from the computer, headed outside. Fresh air would clear his mind. Work would focus it. He headed out across the farmyard, empty bag on his shoulder as he headed for the fields. He'd hand pick some of the corn - he might not get very far, but it would be something to do and keeping busy was important.

Not Mayberry

Who: Hadley and Dave
When: Late morning
Where: The park