September 23 2008

Didn't I already kill you?

Who: Eris and Everett
Where: Right outside their respective homes
When: Late day

Psychological affirmations were wonderful things; Everett hadn't needed more than the sight of a bottle and the feel of the glass in his hand before he'd started bleeding off the anger that his talk with Hannah had brewed. He'd let the range and tension bleed off in the supermarket, and by the time he'd stepped out and lit his first cigar in months? It was forgotten.

In which there is measuring.


Who: Jack and Rin
When: Early afternoon
Where: Rin's House

Fuck. This. Noise.

{Screened from all ExA Participants that were in when she was, and anyone who commented on journals saying they were from a, or sounded like they were by talking to others in a}

Who does a girl have to fuck to get a halfways decent weapon around here?

Not So Nice Reunions


Who: Hadley and Brett
When: Early afternoon
Where: Streets

If there was one thing that Hadley was not thrilled about, it was living next to a cemetery. She didn't care much that her house was small - given it was just her, she didn't need anymore space than she had. She was thankful for the privacy. The neighborhood she was stuck in? Wasn't the nicest she had seen, but fuck - it was so much better than her previous living arrangements.

002. Notes to Self

[--Private Entry--]

One of us confessed. I am mostly terrified. I am obsessively checking every half hour (on a computer I previously avoided at all costs) to see what the reactions are, and can not help checking the windows for signs of the mob and torches.


I think, having given it some thought, that I should be honest with those of you who actually read these things. Much rather than have it come up later it's better to get it out in the open now.

Ready to Open

Who: Diata and Jeremy
When: around noon
Where: Faded Pages

Diata had spent a good chunk of the evening and night -- and three or four pills -- continuing to settle into her shop. She'd gotten the shelves all arranged as she liked them, and even had a neat little display of papers and magazines set up on a table in front of the big picture window. She'd swept the place out, dusted -- which it needed terribly -- and got all set up. It was a big job for one woman, but she'd done it before, and she rather enjoyed the work.

Eventually, around lunchtime, she felt finished, and opened the door. The chilly air came in, and it felt refreshing to her, though she knew that wouldn't last too long. This coming winter was going to be something to live through. She left it open for the time being, hoping to air the place out a little, and turned the sign on it around to say Open. It wasn't exactly a celebrated grand opening, but it would do for now.

Checking in


who: drew and rin(hopefully!)
where: her house
when: mid-day

the house is too big, the town is too small


who: shane and bethany
where: downtown, main street
when: noonish

Shane hadn't had the best of nights. He hadn't slept, had spun his wheels on a lot, had attempted a journal entry which he hadn't in any way managed to get down, and finally dropped off from what might have been considered an overdose of sleeping meds sometime around six in the morning. They hadn't helped long enough term, and he'd been up again not too long after.

Everett's having a tea party

Who: Everett and Hannah
Where: Elm Street
When: afternoon

Laying low would only work for so long, and 'so long' wasn't very long at all when there wasn't a drop of liquor in Everett's house. He'd woken late with a pounding headache behind his eyes, half-expecting a cold steel bench beneath him instead of the mattress of his bed. Ev had grown used to them in the months he'd been surviving off the land, all they usually did was make his mood even less sunny than usual. Still, the prospect of having something to drink in the house was welcome enough that he was willing to chance running into the others from the mansion.