September 23 2008

private entry #1

Even knowing Jeremy is next door, and Drew is behind me, I still can't shake off the paranoia when I try to sleep. Like I'll wake up somewhere else. Or someone will try to get in. My house creaks so loudly when I'm laying in bed. So I'm typing instead. I thought about posting a public entry and seeing if anyone else was up and awake, but I'm having trouble doing that too. I don't know those people - well, some of them I know from watching them on monitors, but at this point, do I really KNOW them? Not at all.

002. private entry.

I can't—how can they even do this? The others, I mean. Interns. I've never seen most of them before, but I know they're around. How can they just—how can they see these people, know they had a part in warping them, and then just interact as if nothing happened?

The Devil I Know


Who: Hadley and Liam
Where: The bar
When: Evening

Hadley had spent some time wandering the town after withdrawing some money from the bank after walking away from her brief encounter with Brett. He had stoked her irritation, but that was nothing a cigarette hadn't been able to calm. She supposed it was her own fault for giving the guy another chance not to be a dick. But it didn't matter given she didn't really care much for him anyway.

The Door Is Always Open


Who: Jeremy and Cheryl
When: Evening
Where: Jeremy's house

It didn't take long for Cheryl to make the decision to go over to Jeremy's house. As the sun was setting, she was getting a bit anxious at being left alone again and while a part of her wanted to run to Drew, she knew the guy was dealing with enough that he didn't need her clinging to him all night. And after seeing the response to Jeremy's confession on the journaling system, she took a guess that he might need someone too.

A new journal, new place, same situation?

--Private Entry--
I thought they all knew already, I'm sure someone's even reading this but I need to write, I guess.

A blind girl and a dude in a wheelchair walk - mostly - into a diner...

Who: Brett and Hannah
When: Afternoon
Where: Diner!

Hannah stormed into the diner still riding the edge of anger from her encounter with Everett; she was pissed that he'd pulled that crap on her and was seriously contemplating sending an emailed invitation to tea to Jason, Lina, and Dave. But first, her blood sugar was about to drop through the floor and she wanted her belated breakfast - which wasn't trouble-free, sadly. She first had to educate the wait staff as to the rules regarding service animals in establishments that might otherwise have no-animals rules, and then realized when she sat down that she'd forgotten her reader. Finally, however, she managed to put in an order by declaring she just wanted some goddamn pancakes and bacon and coffee, however the hell kind of meal or combo or ordering convention they had for that. Scowling down at the table, she realized she was doing it again, taking her irritation with Everett out on everyone around her, and made an effort to put a more neutral, if not friendly, expression on her face. And she even thanked the waitress when the coffee was brought out, much to what she was sure was everyone's surprise. Even her own.

That explains a lot.

Who: Drew and Lina
When: Evening
Where: Computerland (IE: PM/email)

Well. At least now I know why you always seemed terrified of me.

Can we talk? We can do it on here, it doesn't have to be face to face or nothing.

Some Bartenders walk into a bar and start a bad joke


who: Bethany and Jack
where: Bar
when: mid-to late afternoon


[Public Entry]

I really need to get of my ass and get one of these job things to give me something to do. I'm going out of my MIND with boredom.

I wonder if there's a way to permanently prop my window open, aside from the bit of wood I've got stuck there.

(private entry 001)

I don't feel so good. I feel like another spazz attack is coming on.