October 9 2008


held for jack and bethany and shenannigans

addison and janie

Who: Addison and Janie
Where: In their house
When: Lunch? Early afternoon? When's good for Janie?


Who: Jesse and Ronnie
Where: Ronnie's room
When: late at night

It was late. Way late, actually. After midnight late. But Jesse was trudging along, the cold doing a whole lot to wake him up properly, and while he still had the lingering effects of the massive amount of alcohol he'd killed earlier, he was mostly sober. And he was looking for Ronnie. He'd gone on the computer, found out where she was, and was trying to follow the directions he'd written down for himself. He'd also found out that after he'd left after sending her his apologies, she'd written back to him.


'Sup bitches!

Hey hey! It's Glitch! I just got here a couple hours ago and dumped into the Addams Family house with Brett. Where my other tunnel rats at?

Opening a library! [public]

So, apparently I've inherited a shitload of trashy romance novels. If anyone else is into that sort of thing, feel free to drop by and pick a couple up. I know I won't run out anytime soon! We're on Maple, right by the park.


Dear Wendy #2 {Private, Handwritten}

Dear Wendy,

Just So. Cock.

Who: Glitch and anyone who might be back at the vicarage by now.
When: About 8:30PMish or so
Where: The Vicarage

Glitch had been a little shocked when she woke up in her new bed. Aside from the fact that it was night, which would mean that somehow she slept during the day, she'd been told she'd be driven into her new home, not just dumped there. Bolting from her bed, she immediately ran to the door to open it a little, then clicked on a light, chirping every now and then as she did.

Cabin Fever


Who: Camber (and Jesse, later on)
When: afternoon
Where: Heading down from the farm towards the middle of town


Date: Thursday, October 9th 2008

Event: Just as night falls, Glitch awakes in his house, in bed. All his possessions, if any, are already put away. The keys to his property can be found on the kitchen table. He were told yesterday whilst at the facility that he would be being moved to the town, he had, however, been led to believe that he'd be being driven in, rather than going to sleep and waking up having been moved. Has hasn't any knowledge or information about why the town is abandoned, in fact he was led to believe that everything was normal.

Shiver and Twitch

who: svetlana and open to owen
when: during all the kerfuffle with scott
where: nearish to the town hall, lurking.