October 8 2008

Wakey wakey

Who: Ronnie and open to her housemates (good for multiples)
Where: 10 Park Road
When: morning

She woke early, oblivious to the new surroundings in the depths of lingering sleep. When held against the lodgings of the rescue effort, a bed was a bed and it was a step up in Veronica's world. Her first few minutes of wakefulness were slow and unaware, spent with her eyes shut and her blanket tugged tight around her. It wasn't the first time she'd wake up thinking she was at home, really, but it wouldn't last either.

Interrupting your regular batshittery

To bring you this breaking news.

I have the Benny Hill song stuck in my head and I can't get it out.

Story time (flash back)

Who: Everett
Where: unknown
When: April through August



who: eris, everett and brett
where: living room, mostly
when: later afternoon/early evening

It was all a bunch of bullshit, in Everett's opinion. Really, everything here tended to be, but in this particular situation? He was getting reminded of that fact more heavily than he usually would. That stupid dollhouse was an obvious goading tactic, at least as far as he was concerned. What other use would it have? Dress up each of them in some absurd little representation, put the whole thing out in a public spot so they could be witness to each others' reactions. And he blamed his lack of a fucking drink for his, but that didn't exactly matter much now. He'd had a bad one, they'd all seen it. Eris had probably even felt emboldened enough to call him 'captain' again, that or her brain damage had just made her forget not to. But Ev felt surly enough to assume the former as he sat in the living room, staring balefully at the outdated television even if it was off, one hand clutching the doll he'd thrown away earlier, the other holding what had to be his fourth cup of shitty instant coffee.


Who: Scott (closed)
Where: His bedroom
When: Bedtime, nearly midnight
Rating: Slightly NSFW

Scott had tried to stay up. He really had. He felt like a kid waiting up to see Santa Claus, only for much more serious reasons. He wanted to be awake to see whoever was moving them, whoever was cleaning up, and get some answers. And he thought they'd finally slipped up and given him a way to beat them at their own game.

Private to Scientists

A curious thing has been told to me, lab-coated ones. Something I hadn't quite noticed before. I have been told we can make requests of you though I don't know if it will work. Still, we'll see. To the request - a kitten, black and white tuxedo preferred. Spayed/neutered. Not that it would really be capable of adding to the pet population I suppose but the request still stands.

PM to Tobias

Hey sweetie. Really wanted to get over there to check on you today, but just couldn't get through the weather. Everything okay down on the farm?

Bored now.

Who: Joy and Jesse
When: After dinner, about 7pm
Where: Kitchen

talking, sort of

who: shane and jillian
where: his house
when: late afternoon

Wanna play stuffed animal parade?

Who: Esme and Leo
When: Mid-afternoon
Where: Living room

Well, it was something different at least.