October 7 2008

[public] 7 Oct 2008

Alone in a dark house -- something I hate. Everyone is sleeping, I think, except myself. It's a little comfort to know that I am not really alone: there are people sleeping upstairs, and perhaps even the movements I imagine or the sounds of the house may be theirs. If I needed them I could call out to them. But I don't know them, and they do not know me, not well.

And neither do you. I've been reticent to use this computer. This computer, that like in my old room, stays lit when nothing else does. But then again, I was never able to talk to those whose words sometimes appeared on my screen. And here, I can.

So let me introduce myself. My name is Will; I'm from the experiment they called C (and before that, Michigan, and before that, France...). I'm 23 years old, a psychology student. Is there anyone else out there, reading?


Who: Camber and Janie
When: Late afternoon
Where: ...the same damn house.

Camber had taken some food up to her bedroom to eat and write, and in the process had gotten side tracked looking over her journal entries. She knew by now the scientists were probably reading them, but she still didn't feel comfortable, some how, directly addressing them. They'd never been a direct presence in her life before, and some semblance of privacy, the notes to herself, the little things she squirreled away for her own keeping...

Guess I Should Warn... {Public}


Okay I'm trying really hard to type details but its just not working so I guess I'll have to vague it up. I go deaf at random and for unknown lengths of time. So - people of the house, anyone who manages to get to the house - if you're speaking to me and I don't answer you, that's why.

- Tobias

P.S. Okay, the power is out and the computer is still on. What the fuck?


Who: Brett and Everett
Where: The vicarage
When: afternoon

Everett knew he should be doing more. He'd been good lately; helpful, reliable, structured. And talking with Posy had helped return a bit of social normality to his head, but it wasn't enough. He'd headed back up to his room afterwards, and had just sat there for a while. He had clothes ready to be changed into, a razor to smooth out his scalp and jaw, thoughts half-formed in his mind about what he could do and who he could go see. None of it seemed worth pursuing, though. Why bother? He'd just end up getting himself in deeper.

But for all his apathy, Ev slowly went through each step of getting ready. He was still pursuing the day and his vague plans for it, just at a pace that felt like moving underwater. He needed a smoke, three drinks, and a week to sleep. But he didn't have any of those things, so Ev just ended up heading downstairs. He didn't make it far from the stairs before he ended up sitting on the bottom few, slowly lacing and tying up his boots, eyes fixed on his hands as they worked each lace together.

private to the people in charge

I'm unsure if this will work or not, but thought I would give it a try. We have individuals in town who's medication supplies are running low. I request that they be replenished. If not, I request that the hospital be put back into working order, with the requisite medications located there. I will find a way to get there and get to those in need if this is opted for.

How Is Everyone?

I just wanted to check in with people. How is everyone doing? Does anyone need to talk about anything? Are the households(as I understand it) working alright for people? If anyone wants to talk, I know with the weather as it is that I can't come to you or vice versa, but there's always the private message system, or the phones...I believe they're still working. I'm available whenever you need me to be.


permission to take the out

Who: Kaori and Lina
Where: Kaori's house (their house?)
When: Early afternoon

Lina hated being snowed in. Indoor things really weren't holding her attention, and she wasn't in the mood to attempt to fight through the snow and get frostbite, either. She'd taken to reading, and sprawling out on one of the sofas, but she wasn't happy with the situation. Some days she felt like she'd actually been a lot happier living outside.

Kaori entered the living room, or more the raised den. It was an odd layout for a house though she enjoyed that room. It was pleasant. Sitting down on the loveseat opposite of Lina, she smiled politely. "You look stunningly uninspired." she noted good naturedly. "Reading anything good?" she asked.

Lina gave Kaori a small, humorless grin. "Well," she said, turning the book to look at the cover. She'd forgotten what the fuck she was trying to read. "Does that answer your question?" she smirked. It wasn't that it was bad, it just wasn't holding her attention. "How are you doing?"


Who: Svetlana
When: Very late night/early morning
Where: Kaori's front lawn

PM to Janie

I'm back, freak.

009. public entry.

I've never seen so much snow come at once. There were storms in Licupe, yes, but nothing quite like this. It's almost as if mother nature is plotting against us, trying to break our spirits.