October 13 2008


held for a talk


holder for Will and Cheyenne funtimes.


held for addison and everett

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Hey guys, it's Jillian. So listen, I'm at Saj's and he hit his head pretty badly two days ago when we were all locked up in crazytown. Is there anyone here who's got medical experience and can come over and look at him? He's got a bad bruise and is vomiting, I'm pretty sure that means concussion and I don't know what else to do for him. We're at 11 Main street.

Lose Yourself

Who: Joy
Where: East side, west side, all around the town.
When: Mid-morning


lalala stuffystuffs

Did somebody say cookies?

Who: Cheyenne and Glitch
Where: Cheyenne's house
When: Mid-Afternoon


for when i'm feeling a bit more creative

PM to Tobias

Are you there? Did you get out of wherever they had us? Are you speaking to me? Please?

Looking for Freedom

Who: Esme and open
When: Morning
Where: The park

Esme was overjoyed to be out of her "home" and back into the semi-real world. She'd found the elevator early, and had wasted no time in getting upstairs- finding herself back in the house she'd been placed in when they brought her here. In a world that had been so inconsistent of late, she was happy to see that some things were remaining consistent. Even if they were completely insane. She'd taken a nice warm bath to wake herself up, impressing herself with how well she'd managed getting in and out of the tub, then made breakfast.