October 11 2008

Drinking Games


Who: Camber and any others who want to join in
When: late
Where: That damn room.

Cam was lying on the couch; two hours of restless frustration after talking to Everett had uncovered nothing but that creepy-ass mask, her roommate's hidden stash of cheap Polish vodka, and two layers of skin off her knuckles from trying to take out various surfaces.

Well, her roomie wasn't going to miss the vodka.

PMs to Saj, Posy

To Saj:

Hey dude, Will asked Shane to ask me to drop you a line because you didn't answer him, I guess? What's going on? Did you break out or just crank some music? Either way, I hope you're okay and you get this. And if you broke out and didn't come find us, I'll hunt you down and break your face. (That comes from a place of love and friendship, btw.) And do you know some chick named Indira or have anyone who can get in contact with her? Glitch has someone asking.

To Posy:


Who: Everett
Where: Precinct 14, Atlanta, Georgia (but not really)
When: later afternoon on to the evening

"Break, you plaster-covered asshole! Break!" he roared as a chair upended to smash the points of two legs into a clear patch of wall. Everett was gripping the back of it tightly, shoulders rolling and chest heaving as the chair rebounded from the wall. The impact ran up the metal frame, jolting his arms painfully as chips of plaster rained free and left two gouges in the wall, focal points between a slight spiderweb of cracks.

PM to Everett

So the word from Brett is that you have Eris (let's just skip the part where I'm not supposed to know who it is and jump to "I have a giant chart of who can talk to who") talking to you and he doesn't anymore. Or you will shortly. Or something.

Brett wants me to tell you that he said to make fucking sure that you keep talking to her. We don't know if her going to sleep is going to kill her or not and, I quote, "(you) better do it" (sorry, better FUCKING do it) because Brett doesn't trust Eris to keep herself awake.

Kaori wants...whoever...to keep her awake and let her know other people are looking out for her. We've got messages out to Stan but I haven't gotten anything returned to me yet and I'll be getting back to you if I hear anything.

Sorry to be abrupt but I'm transcribing here. And also, tired. I'll be by the computers if you need me.

private to everett

Everett, I need you to do something. If you do it, you'll never hear a word out of me about what you did to me again. And I know that that promise might not actually be worth much in the way of long term, but I'll hold up my end if I see tomorrow. Besides, it's not for me. It's for Brett. I just need you to message whoever it is that can get in contact with him, every so often, and tell him that I'm checking in, and that I'm fine. That's it. I'm going to sleep. But tell him that I'm checking in. Either I'll wake up, or I won't. But he doesn't need to be worrying about me the whole night. Or waiting, or whatever it is he's going to do. I don't want to leave him without any word but I just...need to go sleep.

I really need you to do this for me. I'm trusting that you will, and you'll leave out the fact that I ever asked. It's important, you know I wouldn't ask otherwise.

So, please. Will you?

the goddess of discord and strife


Who: Brett and Eris
When: all damn day
Where: PMs

Brett was still looking around wherever they'd put him when the first notification came through.  At least, that's what he figured as he made his way to the south terminal down what was clearly a forest fucking path.  The place even had little birdies singing - he was waiting for one of them to crap on his head.  Honestly.

These are my confessions

Who: Scott (and Tobias via PM)
When: A while later
Where: There.

Scott had been pacing for a while, as much as he hated it. He didn't want to go to sleep, because he wasn't a hundred percent convinced he'd wake up, and if he did, where it would be. Right now, at least, he was safe, even if he was still just this side of pneumonia. He'd passed on Stan's message to Bri and hoped that the message got where it needed to. This was one seriously messed up game of telephone they were playing, and he was sure the scientists were enjoying every second of it.

PM to Posy

are you indira?

edge of apathy (and pms)

who: janie (and pms to leo, ronnie, sophie & indira)
where: her pretendy old apartment
when: evening

She'd heard the sounds of messages. It took her a long while to figure out what she was even hearing. When she'd woken up, in the apartment she'd left in Nina, she didn't know what to think. She'd picked up the phone first, though it wasn't connected. That and she kept staring at it, wondering who the hell she even thought she was going to call in the first place. Her dad, maybe. But her dad was dead. He really wasn't receiving phonecalls right now.

After hanging up, she'd thought about Gavin. She supposedly had his information somewhere. Where he could be found. But...she didn't have that right now. She hadn't got so far as to get out of bed, and after the world felt like it was crushing back down on her, she curled right the hell back up, and went back to sleep. It was a long time later, twelve hours or so, before she roused again. Then she explored the place, in a slow, detached sort of manner. She saw old messages, but mostly ignored them. She sent the same one to everyone.

i'm noth ome. am i.

She just couldn't tell if she was relieved about that or not.

pm to jillian

Hey, Jillian? Can you message someone named Saj, and see what's up? I've got Will on the other end, worried about the guy, and he says you have contact? I guess he's not answering and shit, said he was going to try to get out a window or something. So, that ought to be fun. Go annoy the shit out of him and message him a bunch, see if you can get an answer.