October 1 2008

Ho hum holy shit

Who: Owen and Open
When: Midday
Where: Hill street, headed towards the convenience store

Owen was, to put it plainly, starting to get terrified. It wasn't that the town was empty save for the participants. Or interns. Or whatever. He still didn't know exactly what to do about the fact that he was now essentially living with Jeremy. He was a nice guy, sure. It'd been fantastic of him to offer and Clarkson seemed to like the place but he was still feeling a bit lost. Alone.

Home is wherever you are.

Who: Jason and Emma
When: Morningish
Where: Dave's house

After Hannah's last message, Emma couldn't even think about replying. She was locating the map and printing it whilst simultaneously dressing, and pulling a long blue duster she had knitted over everything. The house she was in was listed as Jason and Emma's house. Jason had been here. She was finally going to see him.

She couldn't even describe the flood of emotion she was going through. Her heart was racing and her eyes were tearing up but she just couldn't stop smiling. She scanned the map for Dave's house, found it, and ran out the door. She would have run the whole way, if she could. And, well, she really couldn't. She'd had a treadmill in her little princess suite - she'd demanded one - but this was still something completely different. Oh yeah, and the town was really freaking creepy. Her mind was flooded with thoughts and worries - what was going on here? - but that was all so unimportant compared to finding Jason. Her heart kept pounding, and she kept going. When she finally found Dave's house, she felt like her heart might explode. This can't be good for the baby. Which she would have to tell Jason about soon. Oh God, oh God.

Taking a deep breath, she pounded on the door.

Vitamin Fix

Who: Trevor and Brody
When: TBD
Where: In and around the convenience store.

The need to get out.

Who: Jeremy and open
When: TBD
Where: Outside somewhere

Jeremy was all too aware of the fact he was acting out of character. But then again he'd done nothing but for the last few months. It would be a normal thing for him to go to those town meetings, listen to what people had to say and bring in a suggestion or two himself. He'd then chat with some of them afterward and get to know a few more of them before heading out and doing something useful.


Public entry.

Can someone please tell me where I am and what's going on?

What now?


Who: Emma
When: Morning
Where: Her new home

As Emma started to rouse from sleep, she could have sworn she smelled Jason. She smiled softly and moved to snuggle closer to him. Until her brain clicked on and she realized that was totally freaking impossible. She was awake and sitting up in an instant, eyes wide as she looked around the strange room. Pookie was sleeping at the foot of the bed, and Bubbles was in her cage on the floor. Her trunk was at the foot of the bed, as were all the rest of her things.

"No!" she shouted out, scrambling out of the bed. "No, no, no!" What had they done to her now? They'd promised her that soon she'd be with Jason again! Where was she?



who: eris and brett
when: afternoon, on towards evening
where: abandoned house

Eris was laying down on the porch swing of a house that was larger than the one she'd been landed with. She didn't even remember what street it happened to be on. Her hair was cascading down over the arm of it. One leg of hers was hooked over the back of it, the other propped on the opposite arm rest. The swing was slowly rocking back and forth, and she had a bottle of vodka, and a small battery powered radio on the floor of the porch, playing music softly. She wasn't paying any attention whatsoever to...oh anything. No, she was more or less just laying there, eyes shut as she tuned out everything in the entire world. That was easier to do of late than it had been before the brain damage, after all. She might as well take advantage.

Brett had been looking for her for a couple of days now. It had stopped being such an active looking for, but it was there and so he spied her as he wheeled past the house. He stopped, still on the pavement, looking around, but the street seemed deserted. "Hey, white trash - how's it going?" he called out, figuring that, in some perverse kind of way, she'd probably prefer the insult to any of the other names he could have used. At least she'd be able to pretend they weren't friends.

The swing slowed down a bit as she didn't keep swaying the foot hooked over the back of the seat to keep up the momentum. "Not sure, I think I'm missing a few things...probably six kids, a trailer, a junker on blocks in the front yard and an overflowing ashtray. Yeah...that's it." she said in return, not actually looking round. It had also taken her a few moments to decide what route she was going to take there, the slowing of the swing giving her that necessary time.

Radio Nowhere Ep. 2

Who: Dale
Where: on the radio airwaves
When: evening

006. public entry.

The meeting yesterday went reasonably well, I think. We might not have come to any complete agreements, but we did come up with and discuss some good points. That's important.

But I would feel better having a gun with me instead of having them all stockpiled in one area. Gun-safety would be required, of course, but coming up with a course shouldn't be too difficult.

Warm balls of popcorn goodness

Who: Nate and Indira
When: Afternoon
Where: Movie theater!

Indira couldn't stay in her home a minute longer. It was a nice enough place, but she could never forget that they were as trapped in this town as she had been back in the experiment house. It was a feeling she detested, and even with the alterations she'd made to secure it, it meant she was out and walking in the cold. The weather was cloudy, which matched her mood, and exploring the town gave her ample time to brood as well.