The world's worst marching band

Who: Scott and anyone who cares to join in
Where: Same place as yesterday
When: Early, about 7-ish. Coffee time.

Scott had gotten up early to take a bath and shave what little hair he had left on his head. He'd kept it shaved for years, but lately the job seemed to be taking about a third of the time it had taken him when he was younger. He'd gotten dressed, wearing the same outfit he'd worn yesterday, although he didn't remember hanging it up. He figured he'd be the nice guy and make coffee for the others, get a nice smell going in the house.

[public] 7 Oct 2008

Alone in a dark house -- something I hate. Everyone is sleeping, I think, except myself. It's a little comfort to know that I am not really alone: there are people sleeping upstairs, and perhaps even the movements I imagine or the sounds of the house may be theirs. If I needed them I could call out to them. But I don't know them, and they do not know me, not well.

And neither do you. I've been reticent to use this computer. This computer, that like in my old room, stays lit when nothing else does. But then again, I was never able to talk to those whose words sometimes appeared on my screen. And here, I can.

So let me introduce myself. My name is Will; I'm from the experiment they called C (and before that, Michigan, and before that, France...). I'm 23 years old, a psychology student. Is there anyone else out there, reading?

Meet the new house, same as the old house...

Who: Open to Leah, Saj, Scott, Trent, and Will.
When: Morning
Where: 2 Oakdale Drive