Who: Adam and open to everyone else in his house
Where:10 Park Road
When: After dawn

Treasure Hunt

Who: Trevor and -open-
When: Sometime between morning and early afternoon
Where: Elm Street (17-25)

Trevor had a new obsession, something that had stuck in his head and he couldn't shake the dark thoughts that came with it. People being locked inside boarded up houses. He wasn't normally a big humanitarian but the thought of being one of those people with nobody looking for them? For some reason it fueled him on. Hell, maybe there was food in there or drugs to make it worth his while. The scientists hadn't hesitated to leave him little treats in the past.

Vitamin Fix

Who: Trevor and Brody
When: TBD
Where: In and around the convenience store.

Many meetings

who: Jack and Open
where: The Bar
when: Evening

He hadn't opened the bar for a couple of days. It was strangely surreal, with most of the other businesses in the town closed down. Bethany's bright sign looked particularly lonely, and he wrinkled his nose as he unlocked the door.

Is it a Zombie Apocalypse?

Who: Trevor and Trent
When: 9:30
Where: The streets of the nameless town

Rise and shine

Who: Ben and OPEN
Where: Right outside Ben's house
When: morning

Bar Talk

Who: Nate and Trevor
Where: The bar
When: Afternoon

Trevor had already found his favorite place in town, the small, dark bar wasn't too far from home and he knew he'd be ending up there quite often after town. He'd been around a bit this day and it wasn't the tunnels that was for sure. It made him feel a little empty, nothing to explore, no real challenges, just houses upon houses that looked the same - a fact that made it feel a little too much like home. The bar however, it felt, to him, a bit like a cave to crawl into for comfort.

He pulled his shades off once he got inside, it was dark enough that he didn't need them in there, a good reason for liking it as much as he did. The other reason was, of course, the booze. He took a seat by the bar, gave the bartender a small grin and pulled some coins from his pocket. Their dark lager was good, surprisingly so, and he decided on a shot of Vodka to go with it - it seemed only right what with being in Russia and all.

Two tunnel rats walk into a bar

Who: Trevor and Dale
When: Evening
Where: Bar
Note: If anyone wants to interrupt them where it leaves off, that'd be awesome ;)

In Soviet Russia, the road walks you

Who: Trevor and Hadley
What: Heading home and getting directions.
When: Shortly after noon
Where: Church Road

He didn't make it far before he'd stumbled back inside, feeling like his eyes were burning. Damn it was bright out, like someone had just dropped a nuke on the town. Fortunately they sold shades in the small kiosk inside the hospital and his second attempt at outside exploration went a little better. But now what? Do you want me to get a volunteer to drive you home? one of the staff had asked and he'd said no. Which was fucking stupid in hindsight but he wasn't about to go in there with his tail between his legs, changing his mind.

Out of the loop.

So, no more tunnels, what do I make of that? They say we're in a town of some sort and I've looked at some of your journals and I'm not so sure what to think. So there were more experiments, huh? Can't say I'm surprised, can't help but thinking if all that noise down there was some of you people. Anyone done some howling and crying in the last month or two?