who: jesse, ronnie, scott and sophie
where: pmland!
when: mid-morning

PMs to Stan, Janie

After catching up on messages on the two of her computers that had been going, Sophie realized that there were two others that had stayed quiet. Interested in finding out where those led, she typed out quick, identical messages:

Hello? This is Sophie... who is this? And please, don't be crazy and talk in a different language that I don't know and then talk about torture when you DO start writing in english. I get enough of that from one of my other computers.

*tap tap* is this thing on?

who: jesse open for scott and sophie
where: pms!
when: throughout the day

Jesse had been messaging with Ronnie, but went to check the other terminals. That's when he caught Owen, and he figured he'd shoot out messages on the other two, to check who was connected to those. He stopped and grabbed a beer from the fridge first though. He still had his daughter's blue rattle teddybear tucked under one arm, something he barely even noted. Hello out there in radio land, this is Jesse 'the beats, they are down' James, your dj for this evening, we have any callers on the request line? he typed out on both of the terminals he hadn't gotten messages from yet. He figured he might as well attempt to do something a little lighter in nature than typing out a panicked message that would probably only freak people out more.


Who: Will, and anyone currently in 2 Oakdale Drive (residing or visiting!)
When: After dark
Where: aforementioned house of "Experiment E-ers with S names...& Will"

Will had taken the long way back, in some kind of hope of finding Leah amongst the twists and turns of the town. He didn't have all the streets quite memorized -- and had gotten lost -- but as dark fell, he knew he needed to get home before something happened to Scott or himself, and started paying attention. He wasn't finding Leah and this was doing no good.