held for a talk

PM to Cheyenne, Dale, Glitch

So I think I'm going to be passing on the proposed group mixer we'd talked about, but I'm hoping one of you wouldn't mind taking charge and making sure it still happens, I think it's needed. Sorry to be abrupt, I'm just going to be staying in today. I'll talk to all of you soon.

- Ronnie

PMs to Jesse, Glitch, Dale, Cheyenne, Camber

PM to Cheyenne, Dale, Glitch, Camber

Everyone okay? I'm guessing I wasn't the only one with an elevator, but... now I'm in this house? Gonna head out in a bit and figure out where I am exactly, but I wanted you all to know I'm alright. Group drinking night really needs to happen soon, I'm voting for it. Maybe not tonight, I'm resettling and stuff, but tomorrow? Everyone let me know if there's anything that needs doing.

- Veronica

PM to Jesse

Release into the wild

Who: Ronnie
Where: Her new house
When: late morning

There was no false relief this time when she awoke to gentle ocean sounds, curled in an intimately comfortable bed. Ronnie's mind was forcing away even the room for such feelings to exist at this point, so when she woke it was with a tired sort of acceptance. She didn't bother getting out of bed for some time, just laying curled up and watching her computers for the flash and chime of unanswered messages. When one came, it wasn't from the terminals, and that was enough to draw Ronnie from under the covers.

Messages to: Eris, Leo, Ronnie, Cheyenne


Dale cracked her knuckles. If there was a way to just copy the message over and over, she'd do that, but she figured she could write out something that was the same for everyone if she wrote it down on paper first. So she hunted around until she found the pad of paper that was by the phone in the cabin (not that the phone worked) and a pen that was in a drawer somewhere. What she'd really would've liked was a whiteboard so she could keep track of names and numbers, of course.

Right. This is Dale!

Looking for the numbers for
"Fruity Gwyn Dread" (that's me!)

who: jesse, ronnie, scott and sophie
where: pmland!
when: mid-morning

Tropical storms

Who: Ronnie
Where: not Hawaii, for starters
When: early evening onward

Ronnie knew better than to really puff herself up with pride. It hadn't even been a day, after all, and there were so many people she had no idea about yet. She wondered where Cheyenne was, who she was talking to, if their messages might overlap eventually. Ronnie hoped so, she wanted to know that the people she'd endured Hell with were weathering this as well as she was. That thought kept her from feeling too pleased with how well things had gone, relatively speaking.

Send out the black bird. Send out the dove.

Who: Ronnie (open to Dale, Janie, Jesse, and Tobias via PMs)
Where: her room
When: morning

Ronnie wished she wasn't so comfortable. It wasn't something most people ever wished for, but she had her reasoning. She'd only had two nights in the farm house, but those two nights had given her a feel for the old bed she'd been staying in. It sagged in some spots, it squeaked and groaned, but it was as familiar as everything else in town. So when she slowly returned to consciousness and rolled onto her side, the lack of that squeak didn't sit well.

Requests and offers (public)

Again, hello to all. My first entry here was deliberately done when many of you were tending to a crisis, but my first day here wasn't a pleasant one on most levels. So I'd like to just say hello again. Hi.

PM to Camber


I want to say first that I know this sort of message is even harder to receive than it is to write. I'm grateful for the fact that Jesse trusts you, I want you to know that. Please believe that this is in the sincerest of faith.