house of shane

who: everyone at shane's house(jillian, jack & penny)
where: shane's house
when: morning

Shane, being that he lived there, was unaware anything was weird. Well...maybe that Jillian wasn't in bed with him, but she could have gotten up earlier than he had. Getting up and going to the bathroom that adjoined his room, he showered, then changed, heading downstairs to drop onto the sofa in the living room, turning video games on. Nothing like starting the day killing zombies. Or, that was his theory and he was sticking the fuck to it. It was that or really think about things, which he'd been steadfastly avoiding doing. Like the scratch on his cheek from that crazy girl. Or the fact that he'd pulled the trigger of his gun.

Sure, it hadn't gone off, but that was hardly the point, was it? The fact was it should have. Which meant he had the balls to pull the trigger on someone--something he had not known before? And really rather wished he didn't now, either. Thus--massive avoidance. And video games. Very much video games.

Yuck. [public]

Is there really a bear in town? Don't feed it, it'll lose its fear of humans. We used to get them in the outskirts of town near the Smokies when I was still living in NC.

I've been pretty sick the last couple of days. Think I slept through most of yesterday and the day before. Today's a little better, I don't hurt so bad. Think it's the flu?

(public entry) Ghost Town

I don't really know what to think. I read that some other people think that this is just a continuation of the old experiments.

I really really hope not, but... if it were true, then at least this time I'm outside with the sun. I guess it's stupid to be thankful for such a small thing, but I am. I feel a little stronger, and there are other people around.

Is it Really Stealing?


Who: Hadley and Open
When: Morning
Where: Grocery store

The place was fucking deserted. It took her awhile to figure out that it wasn't just boarded up houses. It was... everywhere. She entered a few businesses to find them empty when they should have at least had an employee or two. Doors were open, everything appeared normal. But... yeah. Deserted. The fuck.

Hadley wasn't sure what to make of it. If it was some sick joke, if maybe there had been some disaster and everyone had been evacuated but her? Aliens had come and sucked everyone up into space, right? Doubtful, but after living through nine months of bullshit, no scenario that ran through her head was too far fetched. Inhaling deeply to soothe her nerves, she found her cigarette pack empty but for a few loose flakes of tobacco. Which led her on foot to the grocery store. It was the same as the others. Open but empty. And at that point she didn't give a shit. She went behind the counter and grabbed a carton of cigarettes, ripping it open and starting in on pulling the cellophane from the pack of cigarettes. If there was no around to tell her she couldn't do it, then fuck it. She needed a smoke. Maybe she could grab a box of Oreos while she was at it. Nicotine and sugar always made everything better.

(Public Entry) Presents?

There was a basket of stuff on the porch when I opened the door to go to work.

It looks nice, I guess... Did anybody else get one? There were balloons. I tied them to the stoop railing. It looks more cheerful now.

Flower power!

Who: Penny and Owen
When: Midday.
Where: Penny Royal's

He tried not to feel so nervous as he made his way over towards the flower shop. Clarkson had decided to stay at home, gifting him with a superior look and what looked like a promise to crap all over every piece of furniture she could find. He should probably pick up some flowers or something to make her forgive him. He tugged his gloves up a little more, his grip on his book tightening.

(private entry 001)

I don't feel so good. I feel like another spazz attack is coming on.


Hi~ It's Penny again. I guess I didn't introduce myself to everybody last time I wrote in this thing.

The grand opening of PR was a success! I didn't spazz out or anything, and business was good.

Maybe I'll go for a drive later to celebrate. There's this ancient-looking car in the garage and I've been curious to find out if it actually works. It looks kind of like the one in some of the pictures of my papaw.


Penny Royals (Grand Opening) -OPEN-


WHO: Penny Nichols, OPEN
WHERE: Penny Royals florist shop
WHEN: Mid-morning



I'm a little nervous.

Well, yeah. I can't believe that it's really been such a 'short' time since I volunteered for the biggest mistake in my life so far. It feels like forever.

They gave me a house to live in, all by myself. I didn't really need two bedrooms... maybe when I'm feeling a little stronger I can turn one of them into a workshop or something?