Is it a Ghost Town?

Who: Brody and Owen
When: Morning
Where: Main Street

lalala job time.

So, I got that job at the video store. Dunno if this is a good or a bad thing. Maybe I should take up smoking so I can get those breaks and get out of the building every couple of hours.


Dawg, this 's just t'hold the place, d'ya dig?

Morning In Crazytown

who: owen and janie
where: her house
when: morning

Flower power!

Who: Penny and Owen
When: Midday.
Where: Penny Royal's

He tried not to feel so nervous as he made his way over towards the flower shop. Clarkson had decided to stay at home, gifting him with a superior look and what looked like a promise to crap all over every piece of furniture she could find. He should probably pick up some flowers or something to make her forgive him. He tugged his gloves up a little more, his grip on his book tightening.


Uh, Penny? If you want, I can swing by your shop today (If you're open) and go over that idea you had. And is anyone else going to his meet and greet thing today?

Evening visit

Who: Jeremy and Owen
When: Evening
Where: Jeremy's house


[Public Entry]

I really need to get of my ass and get one of these job things to give me something to do. I'm going out of my MIND with boredom.

I wonder if there's a way to permanently prop my window open, aside from the bit of wood I've got stuck there.

So. This isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

[public entry]

I thought I might be able to write in this thing without having memories completely crap all over my brain, but obviously not. Two finger typing is go! I'm not overly fond of journals. Don't know if I'll use this much. Maybe I'll have to train myself to.

So. Town. Not a bad place, all things considered. At least there's people. Clarkson's got space, which is good.


Morning - Open!


Who: Owen/Dale/open
When: Early morning
Where: Main Street West/Park Road North