Unfamiliar ceilings

Who: Jeremy and Owen to start with. Now open to Bethany, Chris and Drew
Where: Maple Street 1
When: Early morning

If wishes were fishes I'd be up to my gills in fins.

Y'know what's stupid?

In the beginning, I didn't even -want- to go home. I was too worried about what they'd think of me. And with Clarkson and that its just that I didn't want to go. And now? I'd give anything to be able to get out of here in one piece. I think about Maroochydore beach back at home and think about that stupid monument with the toilet blocks underneath and wonder why I didn't think I could go back there.

So. Where are you guys from? I-. It might be hard to talk about, or y'may hate me for asking but



There shall be some owen faffing about in here.

Bear Hunting

Who: Owen and Chris
Where: Heading up towards the video store from the east side of hill street
When: Midday

You know what?

I didn't think it'd be this scary.

I mean, I'm kinda numb. I haven't been dealing with things at all. I've even been avoiding my roommate, as much as that's been possible and I'm sorry. 'll have to apologise to him properly but I can't imagine what everyone's going through and now Janie? Gavin's gone and he's likely not to come back and that's just.

Not fair.

I can't imagine what I'd do if the people I knew disappeared and I've only known them for a while. I have to try to deal with this. And I know it's not just me cause that'd be selfish and that's not what I want to do.

Ho hum holy shit

Who: Owen and Open
When: Midday
Where: Hill street, headed towards the convenience store

Owen was, to put it plainly, starting to get terrified. It wasn't that the town was empty save for the participants. Or interns. Or whatever. He still didn't know exactly what to do about the fact that he was now essentially living with Jeremy. He was a nice guy, sure. It'd been fantastic of him to offer and Clarkson seemed to like the place but he was still feeling a bit lost. Alone.

Journal placeholder!

Holdering of the placingness

The dysfunctional C'ers

Who: Jeremy and Owen
When: Morning
Where: Owen's house, Jeremy's garage and inbetween

Owen was propping open his doors with wood. He'd pulled apart a chair to do it, but he was busy nailing, gluing and generally making a nuisance of himself to his house. He wasn't very good at it, because he didn't have the strength in his hands to get the wood steady, or to hold anything up for a length of time, but he was making progress. Clarkson had gone to sleep in self defense a while back, flapping her wings at him in indignation and giving him the parrot version of a scowl.

Definetly not Playschool anymore

Who: Owen and Addison
When: Morning
Where: Park Road

To say that Owen was terrified would be an understatement. He hadn't put Clarkson down the night before and hadn't slept much, sitting in his doorway with what equated to a baseball bat close at hand, cradling the bird against his chest and watching the street. He'd been freezing, and when he'd drifted off to sleep without realising it, he'd woken up with a start, abjectly horrified at the idea of being locked inside his house.


I can't do this shit. Not again and not alone. My hands fucking ache, the exercises aren't working and I can't do this alone.